How GAC Stars Butter Their Biscuits

In celebration of the International Biscuit Festival, some of our popular show hosts shared their favorite biscuit toppings and spreads.

By: Deanne Revel
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Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp

The Salvage Dawgs enjoy biscuits from The Roanoker Restaurant, their hometown go-to. Robert takes his biscuit with country ham and cheese, while Mike prefers sausage, egg and cheese with a dash of hot sauce.

Justin and Anna Scribner

The Flippin' RVs hosts love biscuits and gravy. "It's one of our favorite meals to cook when we're camping."

Nan Kelley

The Great American Country Top 20 Countdown host takes her biscuit split in half with real butter and preserves, not jelly, on both sides. Her favorite preserves are strawberry, fig and orange marmalade.

JD Scott

The All-American Amusement Parks host likes all the options. "Butter, jam and of course the staple, country gravy. Into my mouth they go!"

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