Making Campfire Jambalaya

Looking for an easy recipe for a campsite crowd? Try cooking this one-pot jambalaya in a cast iron Dutch oven over campfire coals.
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Camp Cookery

Simple ingredients make up this warm, slightly spicy jambalaya dish that's cooked over a campfire. Note: The recipe can be cooked indoors over the stove, but what's the fun in that? >> Get the recipe

Prep Time

Be sure to bring along necessities like a knife and cutting board for chopping the onions and peppers. You can also chop and dice ahead, but prepping dinner makes a nice group activity at your campsite.  

Spicy Sausage

What's jambalaya without sausage? Choose a hotter sausage if you love spicy food. >> Get the recipe

Cooking Over Coals

Start your fire well before you plan on cooking; you'll need a solid bed of hot coals to get this dish cooked. 

By the Campfire

A group gathers around the fire, waiting for dinner to cook. 

Almost There

The jambalaya dish is almost ready once the rice is cooked through. Then toss in shrimp to cook in just a couple minutes. >> Get the recipe

Ready to Serve

Serve this one-pot jambalaya straight from the Dutch oven. Using paper bowls means more time for campsite lounging, and less time for campsite cleanup. Just be sure to pack out any trash. 

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One-Pot Campfire Jambalaya

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