7 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

While all moms would love a fancy brunch or a day at the spa, handmade gifts, especially from anyone on a tight budget, often mean just as much as more expensive gifts, if not more. If you are looking for a sentimental, heartfelt way to show Mom how much you appreciate her, get to work on one of these Great American Country DIY gift ideas.


By: Sarah Wyland

Fingerprint Frames. While Mom might not love the fingerprint smudges on her just-Windexed windowpanes, she will love the fingerprints on this easy DIY frame. All you need are a wooden frame, some paint and small fingers eager to help. Get the Fingerprint Frame instructions »

Garden Stepping-Stone. Did you have a childhood collection of marbles, stones, coins or seashells? Or does your little one always come home with pockets full of trinkets? A garden stepping-stone is a great, personalized way to showcase those collections and it’s a fun project to do with the kids, too. Watch the step-by-step instructions »

Herringbone Tray and Box. Herringbone is a trendy pattern right now both in home decor and fashion, so give Mom a gift that is both stylish and homemade. Just follow these video instructions.

Chalkboard Flower Pots. Flowers are always a tried-and-true gift, whether for Mother’s Day or just because. Dress up your flower presentation with these easy chalkboard flower pots. All you need are a terracotta pot, some chalk paint and a piece of chalk for writing.

Hanging Birdfeeder. If your mom likes to bird-watch in her backyard, add a homemade hanging birdfeeder to the landscape. Marianne and her adorable daughter, Lulu, provide step-by-step directions in this Kid-Friendly DIY Crafts video.

Terracotta Wind Chimes. This is the perfect present for moms who like to spend time on their porch or patio.  This project may be a little more advanced than some of the others, but its doable if you follow HGTV’s  instructions as you work.

Tin-Can Lanterns. A simple tin can can be transformed into a beautiful lantern with nothing more than a hammer, a nail and a Sharpie to draw out your pattern. Add a tea-light candle for a beautiful new light source. (You know tin-can lanterns are cool when Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert used them as wedding decor!)

And of course, don’t forget Mom’s card. Check out these free Mother’s Day printables for card templates, brunch menu designs and more!

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