8 Songs About Biscuits

Nothing compares to a fluffy biscuit straight from the oven. They’re so good that plenty of artists have written odes to (or at least mentioned) the breakfast staple. Here are a few of our favorites, in no particular order.

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“Where I Come From,” Alan Jackson

Leave it to a hard-working Georgia boy to know where to get the best biscuits. “I paid the tab, and the lady asked me how’d I like my biscuits. I’ll be honest with you ma’am, it ain’t like mama fixed it.”

“Biscuits,” Kacey Musgraves

Don't let the playful music video fool you. We could all learn a little something from Kacey's light-hearted advice. “Mend your own fences, and own your own crazy; mind your own biscuits, and life will be gravy.”

“Rubber Biscuit,” The Chips

This is one of those songs you'll be attempting to sing long after it's over. "Attempting" is the key word here. “The other day I ate a ricochet biscuit. Well that's the kind of biscuit that’s supposed to bounce off the wall back in your mouth. If it don't bounce back, you go hungry.”

“Chicken and Biscuits,” Colt Ford

The best part of this song is actually the music video. Have you ever wondered what a redneck "Twilight" would look like? “Lord have mercy. I love her kisses. Man, I can’t get enough — kind of like chicken and biscuits.”

“Buttermilk Biscuit Time,” The Knox County Jug Stompers

With songs like "Mama Don't Make Those Biscuits Anymore," "Make Them Round," and "Buttermilk Biscuit Time," it's no surprise this biscuit-loving bluegrass band took home the gold for the International Biscuit Festival's songwriting competition three years in a row. In fact, they've won so many times, they are no longer eligible! “It’s buttermilk biscuit time." Enough said.

"Martha White," Flatt and Scruggs

As part of the Martha White Bluegrass Express, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs made history as the "World's Greatest Flour Peddlers," familiarizing the world to Martha White's secret ingredient: Hot Rize®. “Now you bake better biscuits, cakes and pies, 'cause Martha White’s self-rising flour — the one all-purpose flour — Martha White's self-rising flour has got hot rize.” 

“Kitchen,” The Naughty Knots

These talented ladies from Knoxville, Tenn., know a thing or two about the alluring power of a good biscuit. In fact, they won the International Biscuit Festival's songwriting competition in 2016 with this sweet tune. “Nothing says I love you like some good home cooking; see I made you biscuits ‘cause you’re so good looking.” 

“It’s Love,” Christabel and the Jons

A beautiful love ballad, this song will have you reminiscing about first loves (and drooling over mouth-watering Southern favorites). “Biscuits and gravy and mashed potatoes, sprinkle some black pepper on your fried green tomatoes."

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