Fun Things to Do Near Kiawah Island

The southern coast of South Carolina offers a range of activities, from the thrilling to the serene.
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Paddle Boarding

Kiawah offers some of the best kayaking, boating and fishing on the East Coast. Paddleboarding along Kiawah's many waterways is a great way to see the island's wide variety of wildlife.


A group watches for wildlife on one of Kiawah's many waterways. Sightings of Great Blue Herons, bottlenose dolphins and various types of egrets are quite common on the island.

Folly Beach

About an hour's drive from Kiawah, Folly Beach is the perfect place to kick back and relax in the warm South Carolina sun.

Beach Volleyball

A player leaps for the point in a friendly game of volleyball on Folly Beach.

Fishing Pier

The pier at Folly Beach is one of the area's best places for saltwater fishing.

Jestine's Restaurant, Charleston

For an unbeatable dining experience, head to Jestine's in Charleston for delicious Southern fare, including traditional fried chicken.

Munchies at Southend Brewery

Located along East Bay Street in downtown Charleston, Southend Brewery serves American and Low Country cuisine, plus six craft beers.

White Point Garden

In addition to an exciting dining and nightlife scene, Charleston is full of fascinating historical sights. This monument at White Point Garden in southern Charleston memorializes the soldiers who fought at Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.

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