Neighborhood Spotlight: Brickell, Miami

Learn why young professionals and commercial businesses are flocking to this downtown neighborhood.
Brickell Neighborhood in Downtown Miami, Fla.

Brickell Neighborhood in Downtown Miami, Fla.

Photo by: Kara Franker

Kara Franker

Brickell has become one of downtown Miami's hottest neighborhoods, with rental rates rising and a continuous flow of commercial construction. With its happening social scene, Brickell is home to some of the best restaurants and entertainment hot spots in the city.

What makes this neighborhood so appealing? "There's just something really great about people living, working and socializing in an urban space," said Jamey Prezzi, luxury real estate agent for Miami City Diggs.   

Biscayne Bay View From Miami's Brickell Neighborhood

Biscayne Bay View From Miami's Brickell Neighborhood

Photo by: Kara Franker

Kara Franker

Not only are people flocking to the neighborhood, so are commercial businesses. Brickell is a major financial hub in the U.S. and attracts many international companies. 

Workers have chosen to eliminate those taxing commutes from the 'burbs and embrace the live/work/play concept. 

Young professionals and a steady influx of foreigners relocating to the area are fueling the demand. According to Jamey, "This has created a really cool, sophisticated vibe in the area."  

The Miami Herald reported that rent per square foot spiked 20 percent in the first nine months of 2012 and rates keep rising, so if you want in on the action at a lower rate, you better hurry!

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