See New York City Landmarks Built From Toothpicks

Stan Munro makes a living building New York City’s most well-known landmarks — one toothpick at a time.
By: Mina Hochberg
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Meet Stan Munro, Professional Toothpicker

Stan Munro knows the Chrysler Building quite well. Not because he’s a regular visitor, but because he’s built it out of toothpicks. It’s not the only New York City landmark that he’s fashioned out of toothpicks. He’s also completed replicas of Yankee Stadium, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Woolworth Building and many more.

Yankee Stadium

Toothpick projects may evoke memories of third-grade arts and crafts, but this is no grade school hobby for Munro. He scales each structure based on real-life dimensions and incorporates plenty of painstaking architectural details. This replica of Yankee Stadium took a month to build.

Yankee Stadium Interior

For his Yankee Stadium project, Munro even populated the structure with fans and ball players.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

It’s clear why his projects, some of which soar higher than his own height, can take months to build. As for the number of toothpicks he uses per project, Munro has no idea. “It has no correlation to the difficulty of the piece,” he explains. “It would be like asking how much paint somebody used to make a painting.”

One World Trade Center

Munro is a full-time toothpicker, and you can view his work in-person at The Assisi Institute in Rochester, Ripley’s Believe-It-or-Not Museum in Baltimore and the Museum of Science & Technology in Syracuse.

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