The Third Space in Atlanta Gives Open-Concept Kitchen New Meaning

Chef Asha Gomez knocks down the “fourth wall” separating patrons and chefs for a unique cooking and learning experience.
The Third Space Is the Brainchild of Chef Asha Gomez

The Third Space Is the Brainchild of Chef Asha Gomez

Photo by: Chris Hornaday

Chris Hornaday

Chez Gomez, owner of Atlanta's The Third Space, carefully planned every detail from the cooktop to the tabletop.

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Have you ever fantasized about kidnapping your favorite chef and having them cook for you exclusively in your fancy custom-built kitchen? We admit we have, but there’s that whole felony thing and who really looks good in orange?

The Third Space Incorporates Kitchen and Dining

The Third Space Incorporates Kitchen and Dining

Photo by: Chris Hornaday

Chris Hornaday

Save the bail money and sign up for a class at The Third Space, where foodies and wannabes can stand whisk to spatula with some of Atlanta’s hottest culinary captains in a pimped-out, custom-built food studio. When Chef Asha Gomez introduced the concept of cooking classes in an intimate setting to her fellow peers, she was a little shocked at the overwhelmingly positive response.

“I am giddy when I think about all of the chefs that have already committed to join us here at The Third Space,” gushed Gomez.

Steven Satterfield of Miller Union, David Sweeney from Cakes & Ale, Jennifer Levison of Souper Jenny/Cafe Jonah, Watershed’s Joe Truex and Holly Chute, executive chef at the Georgia Governor’s Mansion are just a few of the chefs who have fired up the Miele and shared secrets and recipes with 20 lucky attendees.

“On the sweet side we have pastry chefs Eric Wolitzky of Cakes & Ale and Bacchanalia’s Carla Tomasko. This truly has been a labor of love for me and to get this response is incredible," said Gomez.

High-End Appliances at The Third Space in Atlanta

High-End Appliances at The Third Space in Atlanta

Photo by: Chris Hornaday

Chris Hornaday

Housed in the white-hot Old Fourth Ward neighborhood in the Studioplex development, The Third Space is adjacent to Serpas Restaurant. Featuring top-of-the-line, industry-leading bells and whistles from Miele and cabinetry from Artcraft, the 1,500-square-foot space is decorated through a partnership with Redefined Home Boutique. The open-concept kitchen, 10-seat counter and 12-seat dining table knock down that “fourth wall” between the patrons and the chefs. There’s even a smartly appointed studio loft for commuting cuisinier.

“We really want this to feel like a home kitchen,” adds Gomez. “Between the decor that will change out quarterly and the personal touches I have added, The Third Space should always be warm and inviting and a space that one could envision in his or her own home.”

The Third Space is also available for private functions. See their website for more information or to sign up for a class and then keep us honest and invite us over for dinner.

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