What Makes Sacramento Like No Place Else

Here are the sights and events that make Sacramento unique.
By: Kris Bordessa

State Capitol: Sacramento became California’s permanent government seat in 1854. The granite-faced neoclassical capitol building is the hub of California government and home to the California State Capitol Museum, where visitors can take a guided tour, daily. If the weather allows, take a stroll through the beautiful World Peace Rose Garden, established in Capitol Park in 2003.

The Tower Bridge: Sacramento’s iconic Tower Bridge spans the Sacramento River to connect east and west Sacramento. The vertical lift bridge allows boat traffic to continue to flow on the river.

The Delta: A network of rivers and tributaries stretching from the Sacramento River all the way to the San Francisco Bay. Used by ships bringing miners to the area during the Gold Rush, today the Delta offers outdoor enthusiasts a place for boating, fishing, swimming and birdwatching. Arriving into Sacramento from the east on Highway 80, you’ll cross a portion of the Delta that’s dedicated to rice farming.

Crocker Art Museum: The first art gallery west of the Mississippi, the museum was established when Margaret Rhodes Crocker deeded the Crocker art collection to the city of Sacramento in 1885. Today the museum remains the leading art institution in the Central Valley.

Causeway Classic: Annual football game between rival local colleges, the Sacramento State Hornets and the UC Davis Aggies.

The California State Fair: Held annually during the heat of the summer (August/September) at Cal Expo, the fair draws people from all over the state for animal auctions and food served on a stick.

Sutter’s Fort: John Augustus Sutter built his fort during California’s Mexican era as an agriculture and trade colony. The fort was essentially abandoned after the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma. Today, it’s a national historic landmark and part of the California State Park system.

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