Season 1, Episode 1

89er Days Festival/Pungo Strawberry Festival

Funnyman host Noah Cappe indulges in America's favorite carnival eats at the 89er Days Festival celebrating the land run in Oklahoma's historic first capital, Guthrie. He meets a fourth generation Cherokee who teaches him the secret to authentic fry bread for Indian Tacos. He loosens his belt to take on the Giant Texas Tenderloin Sandwich and begs for more as he wolfs down the delightfully decadent Fudge Puppy. Next, he takes his pick from a field of flavours at the Pungo, Virginia Strawberry Festival where he finds himself getting sweet on Strawberry Arugala Pizza, supersizes a Strawberry Shortcake and puckers up with giant Deep Fried Pickles. Finally, it's a race against time as he discovers the crunchy creamy goodness of the Soft Shell Crab Sandwich.
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Double Bacon Cheeseburger on Doughnut Bun

This fair food might be king of the sweet-and-salty category, with the sugary doughnuts holding savory hamburger meat and cheese, topped with a salty slice of bacon.

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Chicken Wing-Flavored Ice Cream

If you're brave enough to try this crazy ice cream flavor, it's sure to satisfy both your sweet-and-spicy palate.

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Apple Pie Fries

Apple pie is the American classic dessert and while it's usually sold as convenient hand pies at fairs and festivals, this interpretation as fries may be even more practical for on-the-go eating.

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Coconut-Crusted Fried Shrimp

Texas may not be known for its seafood, but this shrimp skewer encrusted in coconut flakes is fresh and full of flavor.

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Curly French Fries

Remember when we said "Go big or go home?" The same imperative applies to French fries.

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Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sundae

Ice cream sundaes and chocolate chip cookies are classic desserts by themselves, but mashing them together makes for one sweet treat.

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Minty Fried Grasshopper Pie

Chilled grasshopper pie's gooey, minty center and chocolate-cookie crust make it a refreshingly sweet treat. Deep-fry it, and the crispy outer layer creates a crispy, salty balance with the melted mint-chocolate filling.

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Sweet Potato Pie Ice Cream

Thanksgiving may only come once a year, but with this sweet potato pie ice cream, you'll taste all of the flavors from Grandma's holiday recipe.

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Fried Alligator on a Stick

Head down to Florida for the freshest interpretation of this fair food. We hear that it tastes just like chicken!

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Soft-Shell Crab Taco

Fans of seafood should visit Texas' Crab Fest for various sophisticated fish dishes like this soft-shell crab taco. (As if tacos weren't already delicious enough!)

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