Savy Flea Market Shopping for Antiques

Cari Cucksey gives tips on flea market shopping and spotting antiques.
Cari's Tips
Cari's Tips

Buying and Selling Antique Treasures 6 Photos

Score insider tips from antiques dealer and collector Cari Cucksey for finding, buying, cleaning and selling high-value collectibles and vintage treasures.

Meet the Host

Cari Cucksey

A professional estate liquidator, Cari got her start buying, selling and trading antiques and collectibles when she was only 12 years old.

All About Cari

About The Show

Whether it's a vintage Chanel gown left behind in a disused dry cleaners or a limited-edition pink vinyl copy of Michael Jackson's Thriller, or a Capo di Monte porcelain statuette, antiques dealer extraordinaire Cari Cucksey is always on the lookout for the undiscovered diamond in the rough. Cari travels the country to estate sales, flea markets, attics, garages and anywhere else that peaks her interest in search of obscure pieces to restore or flip for profit.

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