Season 4, Episode 9

Family Feud Style. A Father/Son team take on a Mother/Daughter team.

Father/son duo, TJ and Mike, go toe-to-toe against Mother/daughter team, Jess and Hettie. The family fun begins when each team gets a $500 budget and only one hour to find pieces that need a little TLC at Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, Connecticut. The teams waste no time searching for projects from the Flip List: Durable, World Design, and Light & Dark Design. Next, they head to the workshop where they have one day to transform their pieces. Jess and Hettie attempt to turn a 100-year-old flour storage container into a lantern, in the hopes of making big profits at New York's Long Island City Flea. In the end, will it be the Mother or the Father that knows best and leads their team to victory? The team with the biggest profit will take home $5000. Hosted by Designer/Flea Market expert and Good Morning America Anchor, Lara Spencer.
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Cluster of Candles

We love Lara's ingenious idea to use candlesticks as lamps. When clustered together, these unique light fixtures provide tons of light and add interest to any room.

Shabby Ship to Chic Ship

A captain's desk from a ship becomes a shabby chic writing desk thanks to a paint job and new drawer knobs.

Trunk Side Table, Vintage Table with Light

This old trunk may look worse for the wear, but Lara saw a diamond in the rough. She added a light feature along with an antique coffin handle to make a unique side table with storage.

Code of Conduct

Unspoken rules of bargaining include if you break it, you buy it, and if you let go of something, it's fair game for another shopper. Also, don't ask for half price immediately, be open to negotiation. And remember, niceness goes a long way.

Industrial Lights

The industrial rustic trend doesn't seem to be going away any time soon, which is perfectly alright with us. Lara's DIY wire basket pendant lights are easy to recreate and add definite industrial flare.

It's All in the Details

How can you tell if your piece is really an antique? Furniture guru Mark DeVito says if it was made before electricity, then it's an antique, and imperfections often mean handmade.

Locker Room and Bench in One

The locker itself would have been great for a mudroom or in the garage, but Lara went a step further by adding a seat cushion. Now, this piece serves double duty as storage and seating.

Rustic Buffet Table

An animal trough works perfectly as a buffet table when topped with glass and given legs.

Vintage Display

This vintage display case could hold myriad objects: books, dinnerware, baskets, movies, pantry items, toys, etc. Lara updated it with a mirrored interior panel and a fresh coat of paint.

Mid-Century Modern Chairs, Classic, Minimalistic

Mid-century modern furniture like these chairs has a classic, minimalist look. Lara brought them up-to-date twith funky fabric and bright red paint.

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