Getting Ready for the Road

Learn how to prepare and hook up your vintage trailer before a road trip.

Flippin' RVs Family Album 24 Photos

Camping and traveling in RVs is a family affair for the Scribners, and the proof is in the pictures. Take a look at some of Anna and Justin's favorite family photos.

Incredible Before-Afters

Justin and Anna share dramatic transformations, from rundown campers to gorgeous Retro models ready for adventures on the road.

Meet the Hosts

Anna Scribner

Anna Scribner has a keen eye for interior design and all things vintage. Whether it is furniture, textiles, or appliances, Anna has a knowledge and appreciation for mid-century elements and their history.

All About Anna

Justin Scribner

Trailer camping is a family tradition in the Scribner household. As a child, Justin found himself fascinated not only with vintage travel trailers, but especially ones manufactured by aircraft companies.

All About Justin

About The Show

Follow husband and wife team Justin and Anna Scribner as they crisscross the country seeking out vintage RVs and trailers to transform into luxury homes on wheels. They'll search through trailer graveyards to find a hidden gem that has been put out to RV pasture, then haul it back to their shop in Bend, Oregon to give it a full overall. And when Justin and Anna restore these RVs to even better than their former glory, you won't believe your eyes.

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