Season 1, Episode 1

A Rare Airstream Turns a Pretty Profit

Justin and Anna hope a rare 1959 Airstream Globester will be a quick flip and land them a deal to restore ten trailers for a boutique vintage RV park. Eric rummages through his favorite RV junkyard for porch lights that Anna needs for the Globester but the trailers have been picked clean. New clients Mike and Jason drive more than 300 miles to bring their restored Airstream for polishing to a mirror finish. Can Justin and Anna seal the deal with the RV park and polish Mike and Jason's Airstream in time?
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Camper's New Custom Bed

A custom bed was reupholstered to match the dining room bench in this vintage camper.

Camper Interior After

Anna and Justin Scribner outfitted the entire interior in birch wood and used stainless steel for the countertops.

Camper's New Dining Area

Anna and Justin Scribner found vintage booth seats that they reupholstered for the new, functional dining room.

Hidden TV in RV

The renovation of this vintage camper includes a hidden, flat-screen TV.

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Vintage Camper's Birch Cabinetry

The interior of this vintage camper was reskinned with birch wood and modernized to fit the clients' needs.

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Robin Hood Camper Restored

The 1947 Robin Hood camper got new axles, wheels and tires, and the original hydraulic brakes were removed.

New Camper Sink

Anna and Justin Scribner added a brand-new sink to complete the kitchen renovation of this vintage camper.

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Restored, Upgraded Vintage Camper

With its stainless-steel counters and a brand-new Marmoleum floor with custom Coronado inlay, the camper is restored to its glory days.

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Camper Ceiling Awaits Restoration

Anna and Justin Scribner had to repair the entire ceiling and meticulously restore the windows in this vintage camper.

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Roadside Picnic With 1960s Camper Trailer

Justin's parents and grandparents enjoy a picnic lunch in the 1960s.

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