A Fresh Spin on 20 Classic Craft Ideas

Great American Country takes another look at classic crafting materials to create unique and fun DIY projects.

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Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Material: Burlap

Designer Sam Henderson crafted this wonderfully welcoming wreath that works all year round, either on its own or with a few changes of seasonal embellishments. Tufting the material gives it a full look with tons of natural texture. "For this project, I wanted to use less common materials but still capture the warmth of [the season] with a modern touch," Sam says.

Make It: How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Material: Pressed Flowers

We all remember pressing flowers in the pages of books to preserve and enjoy them. Here, pressed fresh flowers pair up with plexiglass and twine to create a truly one-of-a-kind tray that's as pretty for serving as it is when used as decor.

Make It: How to Make a Botanical Tray

Material: Decorative Paper

Decorate with colorful, beautiful flowers all year long with these artsy origami blooms. Inspired by her kids' new-found passion for crafting origami animals and some stunning decorative paper she found, creator Melissa Caughey made this bouqet of six-petaled pretties. "These materials just seemed like they would make the most beautiful flower petals to me," she says.

Make It: Origami Paper Flowers

Material: Embroidery Hoops

With just a few supplies, you can turn embroidery hoops of all sizes into adorable artwork that adds color, pattern and texture to your walls. A great, inexpensive way to feature fabulous fabrics, embroidery hoops are also ideal for showcasing seasonal patterns or just changing up the feeling of a room in minutes!

Make It: DIY Embroidery Hoop Decor

Material: Birdseed

"We enjoy participating in the Audubon's bird counts and also learning about the different types of birds that visit our feeders in the winter," says Melissa. Combining her family's love of birds with an elementary-school experience of creating pinecone-and-birdseed feeders, "I decided to put a twist on my childhood memory and create a heart-shaped treat made with love."

Make It: Heart-Shaped Birdseed Treat

Material: Cookie Cutters

"It was a rainy, wintry day, and I was dreaming of being outside in my yard and garden," Melissa says. "Every year, I always make new markers for the garden come early spring." Working with a favorite, bakeable clay, Melissa came up with these adorable tags to label her plants and herbs.

Make It: Easy Clay Garden Markers

Material: Mason Jars

Despite fewer fireflies in her neck of the woods, Melissa wanted to share with her children the magic of catching lightning bugs as she once did. "I wanted my kids to imagine what it was like to fall asleep with a mason jar of fireflies at the bedside. It was the memory that sparked the use of the jar and the glow-in-the-dark paint seemed so perfect for the tiny 'bugs,'" she says.

Make It: Firefly Mason Jar

Material: Yarn

"When the pompom craze began to return a couple of years ago, I too became obsessed with taking old remnants of yarn that could no longer be turned into a scarf or blanket but could make wonderful pompoms," Melissa says. After trying her hand at other shapes, she thought tiny fruits would be cute, too. "This red yarn reminded me of a bowl of fresh summer berries," she says.

Make It: Simple Strawberry Pompoms

Material: Feathers

"Every year [our chickens] molt their feathers, and I admit that I hoard their beautiful feathers during this time. I like to tuck them into vases or tie them on packages to embellish gifts," says Melissa. "I had some leftover spray paint from another project and thought it would be cool to add a bit of gold. I didn't paint them all the way because I still wanted the natural beauty of the feathers to shine through."

Make It: DIY Gilded Feathers

Material: Wine Corks

"When folks find out that you are a crafter, they are always willing to save things for you. In this case, we all started saving wine corks," says Melissa. "I had this craft in mind prior to collecting these corks. [This trivet] was fun and a great way to upcycle some corks and turn memories into a lasting keepsake."

Make It: Wine Cork Trivet

Material: Vintage Buttons

Designer and stylist Michelle Edgemont was inspired by the unique and antique-inspired hair accessories at Anthropologie. "I'm always drawn to them in the store and wanted to create a similar look with materials I already had," Michelle says. "The beautiful vintage buttons were such cool items that worked out perfectly for these hair combs."

Make It: Embellish Hair Combs With Vintage Buttons

Material: String

"String art is such a fun way to design a custom piece for your home," says Michelle. "I wanted to take it up a notch with metallic string and a hot-pink painted background." The fine width of the string she used helped guide the project as she worked. She used quite a bit to create a full, but delicate, heart shape.

Make It: Modern String Art Heart

Material: Glass Bottles

With a few clean glass bottles and some easy drawing techniques, Michelle created these fanciful, boho-style vases. Having spotted a similar style in a store window, Michelle got to work on her own. "I decided to use clear glass bottles with smooth surfaces, which made it possible to draw on the whimsical designs," she says.

Make It: Dress Up Glass Jars With Hand-Drawn Designs

Material: Old T-Shirts

Upcycle old tees into a fun and functional rag rug in just a few easy steps. Michelle spotted the style at Urban Outfitters and decided to craft her own. "I knew I could create something similar with a few old t-shirts I had at home. I chose these materials based on the amount of texture I wanted for the rug," she says.

Make It: Recycled T-Shirt Rug

Material: Tin Cans

A fun project for kids and adults alike, transform tin cans into cute and cool storage solutions with decoupage designs. These little cans are great to keep desktops and other workspaces clean and organized, and they make for sweet little vases, too.

Make It: Decoupage Photo and Quote Cans

Classic Material: Chalkboard Paint

Send them off to school with a little love note or let your kids design their own lunchboxes with this clever craft. What's more, these chalkboard boxes make for great travel art cases as well as smart storage for supplies at home.

Make It: 24 Chalkboard Crafts You've Got to Try

Material: Old Pots

Pond pots, or container water gardens, are not only beautiful, they're easy to create and care for. With little more needed than regular watering, these gorgeous gardens are fun to personalize and display. Choose your favorite water plants, and get ready to start your own pond pot!

Make It: Making a Pond in a Pot

Classic Material: Crayons

Broken and worn-down crayons are nothing to cry over. They're just perfect to turn into fun and functional candles! Use different-sized glass vessels, such as jars and votive holders, to make and show off these colorful creations. Adding a few drops of essential oils into the mix makes for candles that smell as good as they look!

Make It: Colorful Crayon Candles

Material: Dried Flowers

Pop a few of these onto hangers and in drawers to lightly freshen and fragrance clothes while keeping moths at bay. Here, simple muslin pockets are created with loops and filled with a selection of flowers, spices and cedar wood chips. Once you get the hang of it, make a few extra to give to lucky friends.

Make It: Handmade Hanging Sachets

Material: Rope

The monkey's fist knot may have sea-faring roots, but it has become quite popular as a design element in decor, particularly nautical and rustic design. We especially love this style crafted in rope for a more authentic look. Master the knot with our tutorial, and in minutes you can add a touch of ship-shape texture just about anywhere in your home.

Make It: How to Tie a Monkey's Fist Knot

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