Country-Red Holiday Decorating Ideas

Find ways to add a traditional color palette to your holiday decor with these handmade, rustic-style crafts.

By: Joanne Palmisano

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Photo By: Susan Teare

Photo By: Joanne Palmisano

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Pompom Garland

Add festive fun to your mantel with simple pompom garland. Using thick red yard to make a bunch of pompoms (check out this tutorial). When you’ve got enough pompoms for the desired length of your garland, use a large crafting needle and some twine to string them all together.

Buffalo Plaid Stockings

Do you have an old hunting jacket filled with moth holes? Repurpose it into stylish Christmas stockings for the mantel or for the bed when the kids (of all ages) wake up. Cut the jacket into the shape of a stocking(s) and then use an embroidery needle and red or black embroidery thread to hand stitch the sides together (you can also use a sewing machine). Finish the top with fringe or ribbon and then sew on a loop with the leftover scraps.

Old Silver Table Decor

Don’t let the old family silver languish in the cabinet, use it to create unique botanical decorations. Fill the containers with floral foam (or dirt), succulents, pieces of evergreens, red berries, moss and pine cones. These also make the best hostess gifts.

Handpainted Signage

Make a bold statement this holiday by creating a large vintage sign for your entranceway. Start with a reclaimed board, cabinet door or an old tabletop. Hand draw letters or use stencils to outline your message -- joy, love, home -- make sure the word is centered in both directions and there is not too much space in between letters. Once it is outlined, you can carve around the letters or just paint them. Apply a sealer or a coat of eco-friendly wax finish. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions >>

Reusable Wrapping Paper

Create reusable wrapping paper using vintage ticking fabric (or any new fabric). Cut a piece that is standard size (think shoe box or shirt box). Then outline a star (print one or free-hand it) with a red marker then fill it in with red paint. Add fun embellishments with strips of leather, feathers and berries.

Wire, Berries and Pinecone Wreath

You can easily create this rustic-chic wreath for your country-red holiday by looping salvaged electrical wire around a wooden ring. Then embellish it with berries and pinecones. Check out the step-by-step instructions >>

Wool-Sweater Topiaries

Easy and adorable, these unique lollipop Christmas trees are made from salvaged wood, dowels, Styrofoam balls, ribbons and old red sweaters. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions >>

Birch Bark Wreath

Add nature to your holiday decor with this birch bark wreath. If you live in an area where birch trees grow, look for bark on the ground around the trees, do not pull the bark from live trees. Clean the bark and let it dry. Use hot glue to attach the bark around the outer edge of a wooden craft form. Add a second layer of bark around the middle and then a third layer around the inner edge for a layered look. Then embellish with red berries, vintage plumbing handles, ribbon, pine cones or even red birds.

Stenciled Ornaments

These simple ornaments bring us back to old fashion holidays with simple red and white colors. These are so easy to make they’re a perfect craft for the kids. Wrap a Styrofoam ball with strips of muslin and pin it closed at the top. Dip a stencil (you can make them from wine corks or pieces of a foam paintbrush) into craft paint and then press your pattern onto the fabric. Let it dry. Add a twine hoop to the top with glue. Cover the top (and pins) with some berries, pinecones and evergreens.

Reclaimed Wood Coasters

Don’t throw away those scrap pieces of wood, turn them into coasters and hot plates. Cut the salvaged wood about 3” x 3” and then sand them down and round over the edges using sandpaper. Use cookie cutters as templates for your patterns. Place them on the wood and outline the shape with a pencil then fill in the design with acrylic craft paint. Apply a couple of coats of paint because it will get soaked into the raw wood. When the paint is dry, apply a coat of a sealer. Use a satin base if you want a more natural look and a high-gloss if you want them to shine.

Gift Tags

Turn your favorite holiday and family photos into gift tags. Cut the photo into a tag shape, glue them onto cardboard and then hole punch the top. Finish by threading a pretty ribbon through the hole. Use the tags for gifts, as place-card holders at the dining table or hang them on the Christmas tree.

Plaid and Pinecones Wreath

This holiday wreath is super simple to make. Cut small sections of red plaid ribbon and loop them around a wreath form and secure with hot glue. Paint small pine cones white and let them dry completely. Then add them to the inside of the wood form with hot glue. Tie ribbon onto two large pinecones and hot glue onto the back of the form, as well as a piece of ribbon to hang from your door.

Planter and Place-Card Holder

Dig into the recycle bin for this project. Wrap a tin can in ribbon securing it with decoupage glue. Then fill the can with dirt and a succulent or holiday plant. Clip a photo or name tag to the can to use as a place-setting card. When it’s time for your guests to go home, they can take the plant as a holiday favor.

Plaid and Feather Wreath

This country-red wreath will be a show-stopper on your front door. Using plaid fabric, pinecones and feathers, you can easily create this piece in an hour. Cut a large donut shape out of foam core or thick cardboard. Spray pinecones with a bright silver paint and let dry completely. Cut the fabric in a donut shape larger than the foam core. Wrap it around the foam core and secure it to the back with hot glue. Alternately, you can cut fabric into thick strips and wrap them around the foam core. When the fabric is on, glue on the feathers keeping them a couple of inches from the center. Adhere pinecones to cover the stems of the feathers.

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