Homemade Halloween and Harvest Decorating Ideas

Dress up your home for Halloween with easy-to-make, classic decor and tasty fall treats.
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Create all your own decorations at home, down to this DIY banner.  Get the free printable template, courtesy of HGTV.com.

Since real pumpkin jack-o-lanterns have an expiration date, upcycle a wood palette into this rustic front-porch fixture you can use every year.

Get the step-by-step instructions, courtesy of HGTV.com.

Dress up the mantel with an edible arrangement of savory treats like these salted carmel popcorn balls with bacon. For a spooky touch, set them on upcycled stemmed glasses that are spray-painted black.

Get the recipe, courtesy of HGTV.com.

Upcycle old wine bottles and jars into faux poison bottles for the mantel or centerpiece. They’re easy to make: just remove old labels and thoroughly clean the glass. Once dry, cover each bottle with a coat of spray primer and two to three coats of black matte spray paint. Get antique-style labels from the scrapbooking section at your local craft store or make your own with card stock and permanent marker.

20+ Hip Halloween Decorating Ideas, courtesy of HGTV.com

Homemade Candy Corn

Give your shindig a homemade touch by replacing store-bought candy corn with a batch created in your own kitchen. 

Get the recipe from DIY Network

Create an elegant entry this fall with a nature-inspired pumpkin topiary. Stack white or Cinderella pumpkins and finish the look with natural accents from the yard, like moss and pinecones, or rustic decorations from the craft store. 

4 Ways to Make a Pumpkin Topiary, courtesy of DIYNetwork.com

Halloween Countdown Calendar

For a twist on the Advent calendar, use a framed cork board, miniature chevron bags and printable templates to get your family excited for the Halloween holiday. 

Go get crafting, courtesy of DIYNetwork.com

Halloween Punch Recipe

Spice up your harvest party with spiked cider. Whip up a delicious batch for your backyard bash with or without the bourbon. 

Get the recipe, courtesy of HGTV.com

Pumpkin Wreath for Fall

Create a demure yet festive wreath with a strip of burlap and putka pods, natural dried seed pods that look like tiny pumpkins. This wreath has a classic appeal so it works all season. 

Here’s how: courtesy of HGTV.com

Pumpkin Cookies with Mulled Cider Frosting

Pair two of fall’s favorite flavors — pumpkin and spiced cider — to make one delicious batch of cookies. 

Get the recipe, courtesy of DIY Network.

For a sophisticated, vintage look this fall, try this silhouette template on a white pumpkin. This no-carve option will keep perishable pumpkins looking fresh even longer.

Get decorating today, courtesy of HGTV.com

Indoor Window Box

Bring the outside indoors with a rustic window box. Attach a wooden box to the longest side of an old window. Fill with moss, miniature pumpkins and other autumn-inspired treasures from the craft store. For a fresh look, update the arrangement every season. 

9 Ways to Deck Out Your Walls for Fall, courtesy of HGTV.com

Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

After a long night of trick-or-treating, mom and dad deserve a treat, too! Try this adult confection that mixes a fall favorite with a splash of bourbon. Top with whipped cream or coat the rim with frosting, sprinkles and a dash of cinnamon.

Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Milkshake recipe, courtesy of HGTV.com

Giant Raven

Take your decorating game to the next level with an oversized raven yard decoration. Create a perch in a bush or behind a pumpkin for a realistic touch.

Step-by-step instructions, courtesy of HGTV.com

DIY Halloween Centerpieces

Get in the Halloween spirit with a rustic wire upcycled cloche. Create the body with a metal lampshade or chicken wire. For the pedestal, use vintage books or an old cake stand. Fill it with miniature pumpkins and top it off with webbing and toy spiders. These fixtures can be repurposed every season!

Get the step-by-step instructions, courtesy of HGTV.com

Mini Ghost Town

Use black spray paint on craft store birdhouses or inexpensive Christmas village pieces to create a mini ghost town. Add a stuffed raven figurine for an extra creepy touch.

More Hip Halloween Ideas, courtesy of HGTV.com

Halloween Candy Bar Cookies

Too many Halloween treats to choose from? Mix them all together in your cookie dough for a decadent treat –because you can never have too much chocolate.

Candy Bar Cookies recipe, courtesy of HGTV.com

Porch Ghosts

Give your porch a ghostly look with tattered cheesecloth draperies. Easy and budget-friendly, these are sure to make a statement when they blow eerily in the fall breeze. You can soak the draperies overnight in a bucket of tea for a vintage look.

Step-by-step instructions, courtesy of HGTV.com

Pumpkin Tiramisu Layer Cake

A Halloween party doesn’t have to be all about candy. Debut festive fall flavors with this pumpkin tiramisu layer cake and wow all your adult guests.

Get the recipe, courtesy of HGTV.com

Window Silhouettes

Use black poster board cutouts in a window for shadow play to create these festive silhouettes. 

Get the templates and step-by-step instructions, courtesy of DIYNetwork.com.

Carving pumpkins can be messy and dangerous with little ones. Check out this no-carve black cat pumpkin craft for a safe, hands-on activity.

Get the step-by-step instructions, courtesy of HGTV.com.

Cupcakes in a Jar

Send guests on their way with a tasty takeaway treat in small Mason jars perfect for cookies, candy or layered Halloween cupcakes.

Here’s the recipe, courtesy of HGTV.com

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