A Cozy Sleeping Cabin in the Country

A sleeping cabin high above the Blue Ridge Mountains proves that sometimes the less-is-more approach is the perfect recipe for a restful weekend.

By: Brian Patrick Flynn

All Tucked Away

The tiny sleeping cabin of Ron and Jane's country house in Ellijay, Ga., shows that the bare necessities are key to creating a timeless spot to relax and unwind.

Mismatched Pieces

To anchor the 15-foot-by-12-foot sleeping cabin in traditional country style, folk art used in place of a headboard draws the eye toward a queen bed outfitted with casual cotton linens. For a collected look, two different tables were used on each side of the bed.

Low-Maintenance Plants

Instead of fresh-cut flowers, the homeowners keep the sleeping cabin lively with low-maintenance houseplants that can go several weeks without water or pruning. Leafy, green houseplants can fill a space with a touch of life, bold color and organic shapes.

Casual Fabrics

The homeowners use the sleeping cabin to relax and unwind on weekends. With comfort playing a huge role, the bedding ensemble is made of cotton sheets, pillow covers and a lightweight coverlet. In addition to being casual and comfy, cotton bedding is easy to clean and launder.

Antique Rugs

To carry the barn-red color from the outdoors in, the homeowners use an antique rug that also introduces pattern and a graphic touch. Antique rugs are an excellent fit for rustic- or farmhouse-style homes, as the wear and tear of the rug add to the lived-in charm of the decor.

Barn Door Construction

For a touch of farmhouse style, the closet door of the sleeping cabin is customized with a barn door design. If you have wood plank walls and doors, add a clean, graphic look by simply painting the doors white.

Painted Furniture

An excellent way to add country charm to any room is by updating wooden case goods, such as dressers or chests, with a coat of bold-colored paint. This old dresser is updated with a shade of barn red that's slightly less saturated than the tone of the rug.

Board + Batten

To add country architecture to the interior of the sleeping cabin, its walls are covered in a style of wood cladding called board and batten. First, wood planks are installed vertically and, once secure, the gaps between the boards are covered with trim to hide the seams.

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