10 Reasons to Love Louisiana

Laissez les bons temps rouler! That’s the saying, meaning "Let the good times roll," that rules this state. When you visit Louisiana, be prepared for big personalities and unforgettable times. Sure, Mardi Gras, the yearly street carnival ruled by floats and bead-tossing, embodies the spirit of the state. But it’s much more. From thick Creole accents and moody swamps filled with gators to spicy gumbo and heart-wrenching jazz tunes, this is where you go to live to the absolute fullest. Whether it’s a place where you pay respects to the deceased or a rodeo run by hard-core criminals, check out some of the state’s most interesting attractions.
By: Jennifer Frazier
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Photo By: iStockphoto.com/sandoclr

Photo By: Tim Mueller