12 Handcrafted Southeast Treasures and Their Makers

Designer Laurie March shares 12 handmade treasures and their makers, one from each state in the Southeast. The finds became part of the modern mountain decor for DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Kentucky: Cole Borders of Patent Prints

First inspired by a patent drawing of a duck call, Patent Prints founder Cole Borders began producing patent prints—distinctive art pieces with an educational flare. Printed on matte cardstock, each one looks authentic while being appropriate for any home or office wall. These prints add a bit of history and personalization to your space.

Kentucky: Blueprint Patent Art by Patent Prints

A selection of Cole Border's unique blueprint patent prints, including a very appropriate billiard triangle piece, hangs in the gameroom of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015. 

Louisiana: Bess Wise of Frae + Co.

When artist Bess Wise first opened her shop, frae + co., she focused solely on vintage home decor. She’s particularly drawn to more utilitarian-style pieces, so when she decided to add a line of handmade goods, she immediately started with concrete. Like great vintage, it feels rooted and solid.

Louisiana: Geometric Concrete Planters by Frae + Co.

Bess Wise's hand-molded geometric concrete planters bring a touch of nature to the powder room of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015. 

Tennessee: Bean & Bailey

Bean & Bailey ceramics is a southern duo producing small-batch functional porcelain pots. Artists Jessica Bean and Anderson Bailey’s modern slip-cast ceramics address the needs for containing, serving, consuming, displaying, growing and showing. They use colored porcelain slip to construct both subtly organic forms, as well as faceted vessels inspired by natural crystals and gems. Their mutual interests in process and aesthetics have brought them together to create a product line of slip cast functional wares.

Tennessee: Porcelain Salt Bowls by Bean & Bailey

Displayed in the baker's pantry of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015, these beautiful salt bowls by Bean & Bailey are raw porcelain on the outside and glazed on the inside.

South Carolina: Traci Nelson of Tremundo Journals

Tremundo Journals artist, Traci Nelson, learned the art of handquilting from her grandmother at a young age. Ever since, she has considered art a part of her life and passion. From painting to handbinding, the journal creation process is a combination of Traci’s love of using various textures and mediums. She’s inspired by nature and, in an electronic world, she loves the creative process in which she shares a tangible piece of art with another person—who then fills it with their own life’s moments.

South Carolina: Artists' Journal by Tremundo Journals

Stacked stone at Wissahickon Creek is the cover image of Traci Nelson's unlined artists’ journal which graces the library of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015.

North Carolina: Worley's Lighting

Worley’s Lighting was founded in 2012 when designer Shelli decided to leave a desk job in pursuit of the creative career she had always wanted. Shelli started the business from scratch using her woodworking skills and predilection for great design to propel the brand forward. Today her collections of lighting and other home goods are inspired by clean lines, geometry and the high quality woods and brass from which they're made. Each piece is handmade by Shelli, her husband Seth and other family members in a woodworking studio and office in Rock Hill, SC, just outside of Charlotte. 

North Carolina: Carolina Crepe Myrtle Candle Holders by Worley's Lighting

Featured in the master bedroom of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015, these beautiful Worley's Lighting candle holders are made from reclaimed Carolina Crepe Myrtle tree branches. Each piece is cored by hand and holds a standard tea light. 

Mississippi: Photographer Angel Daley

Photographer Angel Daley loves the creative freedom that photography allows by viewing a subject from many different perspectives. She appreciates and finds art in the small things, which is why macro photography is her favorite. It focuses on the intricate details that would otherwise be missed by the naked eye. Most of her prints are available on Luster or Metallic archival paper, as well as canvas, in large and small sizes from her shop, ADaley Photography.

Mississippi: Macro Feather Photos by ADaley Photography

Angel Daley's gorgeous feather images, on display in DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015, were shot in studio in striking black and white with a macro lens to expose their fine details.

Florida: Artist Lin Glore of Heritage Dishes

Artist Lin Glore loves working with vintage and collectable items in her shop, Heritage Dishes. Depression glass, dinnerware and teacups all make her pulse race and her stained glass panels are a reminder of the gentility of our history. Most of the glassware she uses is vintage or depression-era and she incorporates clients' family heirlooms into custom designs. The things that grandmother treasured are displayed in a new light for all to appreciate again.

Florida: Stained Glass Artwork by Heritage Dishes

Lin Glore's custom stained glass panel is made from vintage 1940's Waterford Waffle dishes in a Hocking Glass pattern. The beautiful piece hangs in the Zen loft of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015.

Arkansas: Teresa Kessler of Teresa's Plants & More

Teresa Kessler’s interest for arts & crafts was passed down from her parents. She is inspired by nature to create unique works for her Etsy shop, Teresa's Plants & More, and enjoys exploring Arkansas with her husband, Ron.

Arkansas: DIY Terrarium Kit by Teresa's Plants & More

With lush moss and tiny props included, Teresa Kessler's DIY terrarium kit is a beautiful, nature-inspired addition to the great room of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015. 

Georgia: Hickory Neck Co.

Long time crafter, Amanda, began Hickory Neck Co. in 2013 when she sold her rustic frames and pallet wood creations at her children's school fall festival. Christine, a DIY enthusiast, joined her in 2015 to help grow the business, starting with the opening of their Etsy store and website. Together they enjoy upcycling pallet wood, vintage silverware and old leather to create “rustic fun for you and your home.” 

Georgia: Stamped Spoon Garden Markers by Hickory Neck Co.

The makers at Hickory Neck Co. upcycled these silver-plated spoons into hand-stamped garden markers for use in the vertical herb garden of DIY Network Blog Cabin 2015. 

West Virginia: Richwood Creations

Richwood Creations was founded in 2012 in an effort to create local employment and fund various youth organizations in Richwood, WV. All materials and resources are sourced locally or within the state. Each piece of wood is hand-selected for every order. After the design is perfected, personalized orders are engraved through a unique laser process. From start to finish, they prioritize meticulous attention to detail and a handmade authenticity.

West Virginia: Recipe Box by Richwood Creations

This handmade recipe box by Richwood Creations was stamped with an Idaho design for DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The lid conveniently flips over to hold a recipe card for hands-free reading. 

Virginia: Dana Ailer of Terribly Crafty

Crafter Dana Ailer’s rugs are created using a method handed down through generations of strong women in rural Virginia. Her great-grandmother, Minnie Mae Brinkley, was a schoolteacher, farmer, barber and artist. Minnie learned to make rugs from her grandmother, and she taught Dana’s mother during summers on her Bath County farm. Dana’s mother handed the craft down to her when she was in elementary school and she’s been making rugs ever since. Dana's handmade creations can be found in her Etsy shop, Terribly Crafty

Virginia: Heirloom Rug by Terribly Crafty

Made from 100% upcycled T-shirts and vintage linens, Dana Ailer's deliciously soft, hand-knotted heirloom rug is a perfect addition to the kids' bunk room of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015.

Alabama: Reformed Wood

Led by owner, Kevin Mulrooney, the people at Reformed Wood love wood and building things, which is what led them to start their company. They find the process of turning piles of wood into something else to be extremely rewarding and gratifying. They are always experimenting with new ideas and regularly introducing new items to their shop. 

Alabama: Industrial Shoe Rack by Reformed Wood

Sitting in the foyer of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015, this industrial-style shoe rack is a beautiful and unique way to encourage guests to take off their shoes and stay while. The craftsmen at Reformed Wood built this one-of-a-kind piece from repurposed pipes and shaker maple wood.

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