4 Handcrafted Favorites From the Southwest

Designer Laurie March shares four handmade treasures from the Southwest and their makers. The items became part of the modern mountain decor for DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Texas: Bri Land of Adrift in My Mind

Artist Bri Land founded Adrift In My Mind out of a desire to create beautiful wall decor and tabletops from discarded, forgotten wood. Pieces are geometric in design and can be described as both rustic and modern. All pieces are designed and handmade by Bri Land at her Houston-based studio.

Texas: Reclaimed Wood Wall Art by Adrift in My Mind

Bri Land's Aztec-inspired wall art, which hangs over the great room fireplace of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015, is made from reclaimed flooring from a house in Houston.

Oklahoma: Amy Gibson of Colorstory Designs

Print is very much alive, and it takes a new form in this playful and colorful collection. Colorstory Designs creates environmentally friendly art from recycled magazines. Owner Amy Gibson hopes that her quirky pieces will brighten homes with their rich patterns and textures.

Oklahoma: Recycled Magazine Art Installation by Colorstory Designs

Amy Gibson used recycled bits of magazines to create this calming, neutral-toned art installation for the family room of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015. 

Arizona: Bruce Fraser of EarthWind Stoneware

After many years behind a video camera and computer, artist Bruce Fraser decided to explore the world of stoneware clay. His partner, Christine Tenenholtz, has been leading him on a journey into ceramics. They love the feeling of the clay in their hands the process of creating beautiful stoneware objects for their Etsy shop, EarthWind Stoneware.

Arizona: Clay Garden Bells by EarthWind Stoneware

Featuring beautiful carved patterns and copper wind sails, EarthWind Stoneware's handmade clay garden bells lend whimsical noise to the outdoor dining area of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015.

New Mexico: Mary Datwyler of Sunflower Glassworks

Sunflower Glassworks owner, Mary Datwyler, loves glass. Fascinated with stained glass windows as a child, she began working with glass as an adult. What started out as a fun hobby, quickly became a home-based business. She works in stained glass, fused/kilnworked glass and lampwork glass. She is also a brick and mortar glass shop owner, all-ages glass instructor and a full-time glass artist with pieces on six of the seven continents.

New Mexico: Kiln-Worked Glass Bowl by Sunflower Glassworks

Mary Datwyler's kiln-worked glass bowl has meticulously smooth edges and champagne-like bubbles throughout—a gorgeous and functional addition to the library of DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2015.

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