6 New York Buildings With Catchy Names

From the Apthorp to the Gretsch, here's where buildings get their unusual and sometimes quirky names.
Huys Roof Deck in New York City

Huys Roof Deck in New York City

Huys, a new loft condo building on Park Avenue South, is named after the old Dutch word for "house." The 58-unit building offers a common roofdeck with views of Gramercy and beyond.

Huys, a new loft condo building on Park Avenue South, is named after the old Dutch word for "house." The 58-unit building offers a common roofdeck with views of Gramercy and beyond.
By: Mina Hochberg
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When the 160-unit rental development at 555 Sixth Avenue — formerly occupied by St. Vincent’s hospital — was first announced in 2012, a teaser site divulged that the building would be called The Code. However, as BuzzBuzzHome pointed out, the developers dropped the name in favor of the more straightforward 101 W. 15 — which is its address along 15th Street. The name makeover got us thinking about other buildings with unusual names. Here are a few developments — old and new, big and small — with curious monikers.

This 58-unit condo building on Park Avenue South was developed by the Kroonenberg Groep, a Dutch company, so it makes sense that it would have a Dutch name. Huys, pronounced “house,” is adapted from Stadt Huys, the Old Dutch translation for City Hall. In modern-day Dutch it’s spelled huis, but still means “home.”

The Apthorp
This historic building on the Upper West Side was named after Charles Ward Apthorp, an 18th-century merchant who owned a big portion of Upper West Side land — back when the neighborhood was considered rural.

Little Singer Building
Soho's Little Singer Building is famous for its beaux-arts architecture and revolving door of celebrity residents. Before it was a residential building, though, it housed the Singer Manufacturing Company — maker of Singer sewing machines. Look closely and you can see the company's name branded across the second-floor facade.

This Vinegar Hill development clearly got its bold name from the exterior, a sleek combination of wood, glass and iron. The building’s website touts the use of materials that were reclaimed from the original construction site.

William Beaver House
We like the ring of this name. Though it sounds like it's named after a famous historic figure, in reality this Financial District rental building takes its name from its location at the intersection of William and Beaver Streets.

If you know your Roman numerals, you’ll recognize the name of this Prospect Heights condo building as a Roman numeral translation for 659 — the building’s address number.

The Gretsch Building
This luxury loft building, one of Williamsburg's hot residential commodities, was originally home to Gretsch Musical Instruments. Today it houses 130 units.

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