7 Atlanta Restaurants for a Memorable Meal

Nothing spices up a meal better than a good story.
Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Exterior

Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Exterior

This Atlanta Mexican restaurant recently added a deck to its exterior to help accommodate the waiting masses.

Photo by: Nuevo Laredo Cantina

Nuevo Laredo Cantina

This Atlanta Mexican restaurant recently added a deck to its exterior to help accommodate the waiting masses.
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If you call yourself a “foodie,” then you can stop reading because your definition of a good meal will probably not be compatible with this article. When we think of a great meal, sure, we love the finest ingredients, freshness and great service. But when it comes to having an unforgettable meal, four out of five dentists agree that it is about the moment. It can be a combo of the company, the location and the lengths you had to go to actually find the joint or the line you stood in with the other yahoos to acquire said meal.

We’re Southerners after all – storytellers accustomed to spicing up a meal with our own voices and experiences. We’ve rounded up some great places in the ATL to eat that, at the very least, will provide fodder for a good story or at least a Facebook post.

One of Atlanta’s best Mexican restaurants is in a trailer adjacent to an industrial park across the street from a cemetery. Sounds so appetizing, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a reason that on any given night you’ll see the parking lot packed with folks waiting outside leaning against the rickety handrail – because it’s awesome. We recommend the mole and the brisket. The portions are huge and of course you can order a bathtub-sized margarita as well. 

Located on Memorial Drive in Southeast Atlanta, Ann’s is home of the "the World Famous Ghetto Burger" (their words!) and was named best burger in the country by The Wall Street Journal. In business since 1972, the seating is limited to eight stools at the lunch counter and word is that you should queue up early. Also, study up on the eight rules of dining at Ann’s so that you aren’t asked to leave. 

Ladies, how do you get your men to shop with you? Easy, tell them there’s a beverage involved. Yes, we’ve seen the Yelp reviews complaining about the overcooked flank steak. Hello?! You’re in a mall ordering a steak. Why aren’t you drinking a stiff bourbon concoction or a very dry martini out of a big gulp while you can? Score points and take your mom. 

In a late night barbeque throw down at any given Atlanta drinking establishment someone will argue that Heirloom serves the best 'que in the city. The take-out only joint is located practically underneath an overpass next to a convenience store. Load up on to-go only or have them cater you next shindig.

When you’re ready to gorge yourself on perhaps the freshest southern cuisine, hop on 75 South down to the Forest Park exit and the Georgia Farmer’s Market. A lot of the recipes on Oakwood’s menu are straight from owner Kasey Carpenter’s family and employees. There aren’t many other places in Atlanta where you’re sure to be called “sugar,” “baby” or “honey child.” 

Table 1280 at the High is a fun place to go even if you aren’t taking in an exhibit at the museum. The bartenders are chatty and fun, mix a mean Manhattan and the wine list is certainly nothing to sniff at. You’ll definitely feel like you're in from out of town, an extra in your own life story. The escapism element is half the fun.

Table 1280 High Museum

Table 1280 High Museum

Located opposite the museum, Table 1280 is a great place to dine even if you aren't taking in the exhibit.

Photo by: Tim Hurlsey

Tim Hurlsey

Located opposite the museum, Table 1280 is a great place to dine even if you aren't taking in the exhibit.

Turner Field

Okay, this is the part where we talk about surprisingly good food in a ballpark. The first is the H&F Burger, where you can enjoy a tasty burger directly from Atlanta favorite Holeman & Finch. Others prefer the Kevin Rathbun $15 sliced sirloin sandwich served with horseradish cream. On the Terrace Level is the refreshing yet annoyingly named Yicketty Yogurt. There’s also a Waffle House located at Aisle 130 near the visitor's bullpen where you can get scattered, smothered, covered and schnockered a la Kid Rock. And just once you should spring for seats on the Golden Moon Casino Level. There’s Mexican, sushi, crepes, veggie burgers, made-to-order milkshakes and stiff adult beverages to wash it all down. 

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