Alaska Trivia

Here are 10 fascinating facts about America's 49th state.
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Fire Up the Engine

Most of Alaska is inaccessible by car, including the state capital, Juneau, which can only be reached by plane or boat. In fact, Alaska has the most private airplane pilots per capita than any other state because if its many remote areas.

What a Bargain

In 1867, the state was purchased from Russia by the United States for $7,200,000 –– or less than 2 cents per acre.

Everything's Bigger In … Alaska?

Alaska is the largest state in the United States –– twice the size of Texas. The state is approximately 1,400 miles from north to south, and 2,700 miles from east to west.

Television Fanfare

According to an insider's report, more than 20 reality TV shows are currently being filmed in Alaska, covering such varied topics as dream homes, unusual jobs, mining for gold, dating in Alaska and surviving in the wilderness.  Check out these two popular shows, Building Alaska and Living Alaska

Record-Breaking Earthquake

The most powerful earthquake in North American recorded history happened in Alaska on March 27, 1964. It lasted more than four minutes and resulted in tsunamis that affected Alaska, Oregon and California. 

It Isn't Always Cold

Alaska is most often thought of as chilly and blanketed in snow, but it once reached 100 degrees in "The Last Frontier" state. According to USA Today, Ft. Yukon recorded the temperature in 1915. 

… But It's Still Awfully Chilly

Alaska is also home to the record for lowest temperatures ever in the United States –– a frigid -79.8 degrees in 1971. 

Step Aside Yellowstone

Alaska is home to seven of the nine largest national parks in the United States, including Denali, Kenai Fjords, Glacier Bay and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, which comprises more than 13 million acres. 

Willow Ptarmigan

People often joke that the mosquito is the state bird of Alaska, but –– although the mosquito population is high –– it's not true. The state bird is the Willow Ptarmigan, adopted in 1955.

Brown Bear Haven

Alaska stands as one of the last few natural habitats for brown bears worldwide. The Alaskan wilderness is also home to the grizzly bear and coastal brown bear.

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