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After: French Country Estate Makeover

After: French Country Estate Makeover

After: In this amazing makeover by Handcrafted Homes, a new portico is just one of the incredible additions. An island with a rock bed, boulders, trees and flowering plants is the center of a new driveway.

Photo by: Handcrafted Homes

Handcrafted Homes

If you're going for an Atlanta remodel or a full-on build from the ground up, there are lots of home design professionals available to you. Who you hire ultimately depends on the style of your project. Normally, home design professionals specialize in certain architectural styles such as traditional and transitional, modern, midcentury and contemporary or historic renovations.

When you find the firm best equipped to meet your needs, establish a budget. If this is new construction, that means finding the right lot. Does your firm have the capabilities to survey the land, know the laws (or by-laws) of the municipalities? If it is a historic neighborhood, you're looking at a whole new ball of wax. Make sure your home design professional knows all the right questions to ask. They work for you.

Don't forget the permit and allow time for it. Some permitting can take up to three months. Again, let's hope your home design pro knows what they're doing, especially in this area.

That's the time aspect; now for the money angle. How are you paying for this project? Can your home design pro help with financing? Many in Atlanta can and should be able to supply you a list of loan officers, perhaps one they have worked with personally, which is usually a good sign.

Now, ready to shop? We rounded up a few home design professionals in Atlanta that deserve your attention.

Judy Mozen founded Handcrafted Homes, Inc. in 1976 after graduating from Agnes Scott College. She runs the company with her husband, Randy Urquhart. The couple finds that their personal relationship can help their customers ask the right questions and anticipate conflict and resolutions. They also offer a diverse portfolio and have completed projects with many different styles including southwestern homes, craftsman bungalows, Georgia historic treasures, sleek moderns, and even Asian and European designs.

This award-winning group creates high-end custom residences, town homes and specialty commercial projects inspired by classical and modern architecture. They tackle each project as though it were a "piece of art," unique to every client. They have more than 60 architects, designers, landscape architects and interior designers on their team, allowing the firm to create an array of distinctive ancestral homes and public structures through the thoughtful study and application of traditional hierarchies, proportions, materials, and detailing.

Michael W. Garrell meets with each client to determine the customer's lifestyle, needs, dreams, and desires. Ideas from these meetings evolve into home designs that are livable and functional. The team then applies these and other design innovations to traditional house design, constantly seeking new ways to move Classicism in fresh and original directions. Masterfully blending these classic elements into new floor plans, they design very distinctive homes that feature an open layout with plenty of natural light.

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