Hauntingly Beautiful: 9 Real Haunted Homes and Hotels of the South

We've rounded up a few spots below the Mason-Dixon where if you listen closely enough, the walls are supposedly talking.

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Calhoun House: Atlanta

The Calhoun-Thornwell House or “Tryggveson” was completed in 1922 and remains one of Atlanta's most intriguing residents. Back in the 1970s, when only the carriage house was occupied, local kids would scout the grounds to see if they could catch a glimpse of a ghostly figure in the main house. Rumor has it, they often did.

Gaineswood: Demopolis, Ala.

Located south of Tuscaloosa and west of Selma is the Greek Revival-style Gaineswood plantation house. The home, which took 20 years to complete, was designed and built by General Nathan Bryan Whitfield and was completed on the eve of the Civil War. A former female guest of the Whitfield’s died while visiting the estate and reportedly continues to haunt it. The ghost is not aggressive or destructive, however; she simply plays the piano and wanders the parlor. 

McRaven House: Vicksburg, Miss.

The origins of this Mississippi home date back to 1797, and it was spared destruction during the Civil War as it was used as a hospital and field camp. At least five people have died there, including a former owner who was murdered on the grounds.

Hotel Monteleone: New Orleans

Guests of this historic New Orleans hotel report hearing voices and seeing figures up and down the hallways. We're not sure how many times they've gone around and around the Carousel Bar though. 

Allen House: Monticello, Ark.

The Allen House was built in 1906 for the family of a prominent businessman named Joe Lee Allen, who wanted it to be the grandest home in town for his wife and three daughters. Allen would only enjoy the home for a little over 10 ears, as he died in 1917. He was not alive, thankfully, to witness the suicide by cyanide death of middle daughter Ladell, who attempted to take her own life in the master suite the day after Christmas in 1948. She died a few days later as a result of the poisoning. Her mother, Caddye, sealed off the room and no one was to enter it until 37 years later, after the home was sold. After Caddye’s death in 1954, her grandson divided the home into apartments. Tenants reported seeing Ladell in various parts of the house and often heard voices. In 1985, the new owners reportedly found a bottle of cyanide on a shelf in the bedroom. 

Kehoe House: Savannah, Ga.

Located on Columbia Square is the jaw-dropping William Kehoe Historic Inn, a four-story, Victorian/Renaissance Revival mansion that now serves as a bed and breakfast. Interestingly, the home’s original owner came from meager beginnings and was reportedly not a “showy” person. He just wanted a home big enough to house his family, a home that is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. William Kehoe spent the majority of his time in the study, and there is often a light on in the room with no explanation. His wife Annie has been spotted in rooms 202 and 203 and roaming the halls of the third floor. As the Kehoes were gentle and kind people, guests report that the ghosts are fairly pleasant, if a bit shocking. Check in and check it out for yourself.

Grove Park Inn: Asheville, N.C.

Located in Asheville, the Grove Park Inn is reportedly haunted by a jilted young woman in a pink gown who jumped to her death on the site. Those who have spotted her call the Pink Lady.

Octagonal House: Washington, D.C.

Located in Foggy Bottom, the Octagonal House was built in 1801 by Col. John Tayloe. The house is reportedly haunted by two of the Colonel's daughters. Both died after they fell down the stairs while quarreling with their father.

Carr Plantation: Duplin County, N.C.

This home in Duplin County was once the primary residence of the Carr family from Ireland. It was turned into a boarding house and rumored to be haunted by the former residents. A graveyard is also located on the property.

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