Hunt for Americana Finalists and Winners

Congratulations to the winners and finalists in the Hunt for Americana Photo Contest! Winners and finalists were selected from photo submissions evaluated on skill, adherence to theme, composition, color and nostalgia in four regions-- Northeast, Midwest, South, West. Click below to see all of the photos and photographers by region. (Sponsors: Great American Country, Popular Photography magazine.)

Photo By: Bruce Martin

Photo By: Ron DiLaurenzio ©2013 Ron DiLaurenzio

Photo By: Art Braitman

Photo By: Bill Wakeley ©Bill_Wakeley_Photography

Photo By: John Delaney

Photo By: Sean Maiorano

Photo By: John Kelley

Photo By: John Fatuzzo

Photo By: Denise Poveromo

Photo By: Julie McDow

Photo By: Tom Stubbs

Photo By: Travis Dewitz ©2014 Travis Dewitz - Dewitz Photography

Photo By: Maria Brown

Photo By: Silvia Ford ©sylvia Ford

Photo By: Don Setser

Photo By: Daniel Orellana

Photo By: Barry Barnes

Photo By: Diane Sanderson

Photo By: Candace Schneider

Photo By: Esther Huynh

Photo By: Kenneth Hill

Photo By: Rick Bianco ©Rick Bianco

Photo By: Wanda-Lynn Searles

Photo By: Roberto Cornier

Photo By: Kirk Johnson

Photo By: Reggie Thomas ©Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

Photo By: Mark Streit

Photo By: David Grimes

Photo By: Kevin Kramer ©Kramer 2007 All Rights Reserved

Photo By: Peter Perrine

Photo By: Carolyn Venditto ©All Rights Reserved

Photo By: "Pioneer Sisters" by David Grimes, Washington — - Hunt for Americana Photo Contest, West Region

Photo By: Anna Maggio

Photo By: Shawn Stackhouse ©Stackhouse Photo 2013

Photo By: Berdine Briones-Lefkowitz

NORTHEAST — Grand Prize Winner

"Red Barn" by Bruce Martin, New York


"Relaxation - Old Style" by Ron DiLaurenzio, Connecticut

NORTHEAST — Finalist

"Old Farmhouse" by Art Braitman, Pennsylvania

NORTHEAST — Finalist

"Litchfield, Connecticut" by Bill Wakeley, Connecticut

NORTHEAST — Finalist

"Country Window View" by John Delaney, New Jersey

NORTHEAST — Finalist

"Sleeping Windmill" by Sean Maiorano, Massachusetts

NORTHEAST — Finalist

"The Hay Ride" by John Kelley, Maine

NORTHEAST — Finalist

"A Day at Batsto Village" by John Fatuzzo, New Jersey

NORTHEAST — Finalist

"Old Time Luncheonette" by Denise Poveromo, New York

MIDWEST — Grand Prize Winner

"Branding Time" by Julie McDow, Missouri

MIDWEST — Runner-Up

"Fuel for the Mother Road" by Tom Stubbs, Kansas

MIDWEST — Finalist

"Cowboy and Drafts" by Travis Dewitz, Wisconsin

MIDWEST — Finalist

"Rolled Up" by Maria Brown, Missouri

MIDWEST — Finalist

"Date Night" by Sylvia Ford, Michigan

MIDWEST — Finalist

"Down a Dusty Road" by Don Setser, Kansas

MIDWEST — Finalist

"Town Age" by Daniel Orellana, Indiana

MIDWEST — Finalist

"Old Barn" by Barry Barnes, Iowa

MIDWEST — Finalist

"End of the Season" by Diane Sanderson, Michigan

MIDWEST — Finalist

"Windmill Graveyard" by Candace Schneider, Wisconsin

SOUTH — Grand Prize Winner

"The Past in Real Time" by Esther Huynh, Texas

SOUTH — Runner-Up

"W. Severn Chapel" by Kenneth Hill

SOUTH — Finalist

"Vermont Country Store" by Rick Bianco, Virginia

SOUTH — Finalist

"The Chittenden Mills" by Wanda-Lynn Searles, Tennessee

SOUTH — Finalist

"Mission San Juan Capistrano" by Roberto Cornier, Texas

SOUTH — Finalist

"Tennessee Barn" by Kirk Johnson, Texas

SOUTH — Finalist

"Red Hot" by Reggie Thomas, Mississippi

SOUTH — Finalist

"Old Southern Railroad Line" by Mark Streit

WEST — Grand Prize Winner

"Pioneer Sisters" by David Grimes, Washington

WEST — Runner-Up

"Community Church of the Past" by Kevin Kramer, Arizona

WEST — Finalist

"Church St." by Peter Perrine, South Carolina

WEST — Finalist

"American Vacation" by Carolyn Venditto, Arizona

WEST — Finalist

"Windmill in Fog" by Jason Andrews, Washington

WEST — Finalist

"Rustic America" by Anna Maggio, Colorado

WEST — Finalist

"Yellowstone Bison" by Shawn Stackhouse, Colorado

WEST — Finalist

"Showgirl" by Berdine Briones-Lefkowitz, Oregon

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