Moving to and Living in Atlanta, Georgia

Whether you have a family of six or require a table for one, Atlanta has the right home for you.


Some say that moving to a new home can be one of the most stressful events in a person's life. Choosing the right neighborhood, signing a year lease and then finding out it's not your style only adds to the pressure. Relocating to Atlanta can be a lot of fun as each pocket of the city is unique. Trying before buying, however, is highly recommended, and a good place to start is our Atlanta Neighborhood Guide: Where You Should Live in Atlanta.

At the northernmost tip of Atlanta are Buckhead and Brookhaven. Buckhead can be a bit of an enigma in that it is made up of some of the city's grandest and most luxurious homes but also some of the most affordable condos and apartments. Think of Thurston and Lovey Howell living on one end and Maryann in a tidy high-rise condo on the other. The public school system is one of the best in the country, but the area is also known for nightlife and bars, primarily frequented by Atlanta's younger set. Just adjacent to it is Brookhaven, which is more family-oriented with a distinctive country club lifestyle. 

The Professor would prefer Emory and North Druid Hills. Not only could he live amongst his tweeded peers and starry-eyed university students, but he could also enjoy a quiet pint at the neighboring Decatur Square. Were he to regain his tenure he could afford one of the beautiful homes near Fernbank or settle for a Druid Hills midcentury modern. 

Morningside and Virginia Highlands with its charming bungalows, quaint shops and restaurants is a perfect location for any Modern Family. It's not cheap to live there but decidedly unpretentious and tolerant. People care about their lawns and upkeep; fall back they'll let you know, but they'll be smiling. There are some singletons in the apartments on the neighborhood's edges, reminiscent of extras in The Big Bang Theory

Once you get into Reynoldstown, Inman Park, Cabbagetown, Little Five Points, and Candler Park you're going to notice an amalgamation of personalities, hairstyles, ages and alternative lifestyles with the residents as eclectic as the architecture. Think John From Cincinnati, or Californication sans water. These hoods host lots of fun art festivals and zany left of center parades. 

A lot of cash was pumped into the revitalization of both the Old Fourth Ward and the Westside. Declared "zones of opportunity" these neighborhoods have folks flocking back to residences that are mostly made up of warehouses converted into loft apartments. The area is frequented by an artistic, well-heeled set of Atlantans just waiting for Bravo to bring a new series to town. 

While there are some families in the area, the Midtown/Piedmont Park region is no doubt where single sexpot Ginger would hang her heels. It's amongst the more gay-friendly hoods in Atlanta with lots of skyscrapers, luxury condos and a smattering of historic homes. The real old money families are in Ansley, which is located in the pocket between Midtown and bordering Piedmont Park. It's kind of like waking up in Robert Redford's Ordinary People

Rounding out our list are East Atlanta Village and Ormewood Park, separated by a four-lane road yet worlds apart. EAV is brimming with bars and hipsters while Ormewood is mostly populated with middle class families.

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