Tour the New Pérez Art Museum Miami

Check out the complete transformation of the Miami Art Museum into a dynamic new institution for visual arts in South Florida. Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the museum offers 200,000 square feet of programmable space, including 120,000 square feet of interior space. And it's pretty spectacular.
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Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Daniel Azoulay Photography

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Pérez Art Museum

The Miami Art Museum reopened as the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) in its new Herzog and de Meuron-designed facility in downtown Miami.

Flexible Galleries

Visitors to the museum will appreciate the opportunity to experience the works of art in an up close and personal sort of way. The interior features an innovative system of flexible galleries, where visitors can wander in and out from multiple entry points.

Works from Around the World

Through its capital campaign, the museum has expanded its collection to include more than 1,800 works. Attuned to the globalization of the art world, the collection reflects the transmission of ideas across audiences, while still concentrating on those issues and themes that are important to Miami audiences.

Member Benefits

Members receive unlimited free admission to experience exhibitions that open up dialogues about recent history, migration, new cultural formations and diverse ideologies.

Interior Features

Featuring giant windows and tons of natural light, the museum offers interior galleries where visitors can experience works of art complemented by a backdrop of Miami's breathtaking water views. The giant green columns in this photo are the hanging gardens suspended from the exterior canopy.

Exhibition Program

The Museum began collecting in 1996 with a focus on art from the 20th and 21st centuries and cultures of the Atlantic Rim (the Americas, Western Europe and Africa). The collection also features works by artists from South Florida.

Cultural Identity

To foster conversations about cultural identity, PAMM's curatorial team is partnering with and presenting ambitious new works by artists from a spectrum of cities and countries, including Miami, China, London, Warsaw, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Casablanca and Tel Aviv.

Education Programs

Featuring the largest art museum education program in South Florida, the new building will host art and digital media workshops. The museum has a library, auditorium and classrooms.

Cortinas de Baño

A gift from George M. Safirstein M. D. and Pola Reydburd, Cortinas de baño (Shower Curtains) is a 1994 work by Oscar Muñoz from Colombia. This installation is part of a series of works in which the artist used water and paint on plastic shower curtains to depict ghostly figures that hover between presence and absence.


This work by artist Ai Weiwei, one of China's most prolific and provocative contemporary artists, features an installation composed of hundreds of bicycles from Shanghai. The artist created Stacked especially for PAMM's opening.

Open to the Public

The museum opened to the public on Dec. 4, 2013, during Miami's Art Week. It's located at 1103 Biscayne Blvd in downtown Miami.

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