Tour the Wynwood Arts District in Miami

One of the largest open-air street-art installations in the world, the Wynwood Arts District is home to more than 70 art galleries, retail stores, antique shops and bars. The area attracts locals and visitors alike with its spectacular street art, trendy dive bars and modern galleries.

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Photo By: Kara Franker

Street Art

The Wynwood Arts District showcases stunning street art on once-empty warehouses that were used in the textile industry. In 2009 property speculator Tony Goldman, the man who revitalized New York's SoHo and turned Miami's South Beach into an art deco paradise, bought a block in the center of the area and turned it over to artists.

Transformed Warehouse Buildings

With the introduction of the Second Saturday Art Walk in the District and companies buying up more and more parcels of land, Wynwood has experienced quite a bit of growth.

Commercial Space

Taking over what used to be a warehouse and manufacturing district in Miami, developers have rehabilitated neglected buildings and transformed them into creative spaces. Now many of those spaces are available for businesses to move in.

Robert Fontaine Gallery

The Robert Fontaine Gallery is a unique contemporary space within Miami’s burgeoning creative arts environment. The gallery provides a platform for artists with specialities ranging from American Pop Art to the most current evolutions of digital media, conceptual installation and urban interventionist (aka "street") art.

Alberto Linero Gallery

Alberto Linero Gallery showcases mixed media works, sculpture and painting. The gallery offers a compelling lineup of Latin American and international art.

Panther Coffee

Located on Second Avenue in Wynwood, Panther Coffee is a Miami-based specialty coffee roaster and wholesaler specializing in the small-batch roasting of coffee beans.

Business Improvement District

Property owners voted to designate the Wynwood Arts District as a Business Improvement District in June 2013. By approving the designation, commercial property owners will tax themselves yearly. The taxes are invested into making Wynwood a brighter and cleaner environment by providing basic necessities, such as waste receptacles, street lighting and increased surveillance.

Wynwood Walls

Created by Tony Goldman in 2009, Wynwood Walls has brought the world's greatest artists working in the graffiti and street art genre to Miami. Wynwood Walls and the Pop Up Shop are located at NW Second Avenue — between Joey's Italian Café on 25th Street and the art-filled Wynwood Kitchen and Bar on 26th Street — and are open to the public free of charge.

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