6 Tips for Camping and Traveling With Your Dog

Taking a road trip with your pet can be a wonderful experience. Before you set out, make sure you know what to pack and how to be prepared.

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Photo by: Alison Turner

Alison Turner

It’s been almost seven years since I adopted Max from a rescue group at a farmers market in Long Beach, California. Little did he (or I, for that matter) know that we would be embarking on a seemingly never-ending journey together. Throughout the years, we have made some mistakes, learned some lessons and found some amazing spots to camp. If you are thinking about traveling with your pet on a road trip, here are some tips that will help in planning and taking the next step for your journey with your four-legged best friend. I can’t imagine taking a road trip without Max. 

Pack Their Bag

It makes things so much easier when everything they need is in one place. Remember food, toys, poop bags, treats, as well as their favorite bed. Having a space that they can feel comfortable in is important.

Shot Papers

I keep Max’s immunization records handy and for good reason. Many state parks require proof of shot records in order to camp. Although it was only in a few places, I was thankful that I had records with me.

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Photo by: Alison Turner

Alison Turner

Dogs Not Allowed

More often than not, dogs won’t be allowed on national or state park trails. Do your research so you won’t be disappointed on the restrictions when you get there. I have found that your best bet for letting your friend roam with you are national forests and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property. You can find campsites on our public lands via their website at www.BLM.gov. If you are tired of camping, look for a nearby Motel 6 or Red Roof Inn. Both are known to allow your pet to stay with you.

Smart Phone Apps

I have found some apps that help with your search on where to sleep. I use the Allstays app for researching campsites nearby when I decide to stop driving and start relaxing. It’s helpful to determine where you can camp nearby and many times, I use it as a tool to decide on a direction to head each day.  If you have a social dog, use Dog Park Finder app to find parks so your pal can run around with new friends.

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Photo by: Alison Turner

Alison Turner

Get Out of the Car

Remember to move around outside of the car as much as you can. Even if you are planning a long driving day, it’s important to take your dog out as much as you get out. I always take Max for a walk when we stop for gas. Having a routine is important to your pet. Max and I have a walking routine each morning so things seem familiar to him. It’s comforting for your dog to know that he/she will be walked and fed each morning even though they don’t know what the day has in store.

Follow the Weather

Remember that your dog can get overheated fast in summer months. It’s important to keep them cool and supply as much water to them as you drink. Don’t leave your pet in a hot car and remember blankets and sweaters in cold weather. 

With just a few adjustments, you and your best friend will have the time of your lives.

Follow Alison and her rescue dog Max on their adventures on Instagram @alisontravels or their travel blog at www.AlisonTurnerPhoto.com 

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