11 Most Mind-Blowing Train Trips in the World

All aboard! It’s time for an epic journey by rail. Take in views of the Canadian Rockies, the European countryside and more.

Photo By: Rocky Mountaineer

Photo By: Golden Eagle Luxury Trains Ltd.

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Photo By: Orient-Express Hotels Ltd.

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Photo By: Orient-Express Hotels Ltd.

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Rocky Mountaineer

Take in Canada’s great outdoors aboard the Rocky Mountaineer. This fleet of 60 railcars offers passengers a choice of 4 breathtaking routes: 3 train routes through British Columbia to Alberta, Banff or Jasper and a fourth from Vancouver to Whistler. In 2013, a new route connects Seattle to the Canadian Rockies -- all aboard for the Coastal Passage!

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

How’s this for epic? The world’s longest train journey, a ride on this train spans 6,000 miles, 2 continents and 8 time zones! Equipped with plush red-velvet seats, champagne-topped tables and TVs in individual rail cars, it offers a seamless journey between East and West. Take a 21-day trip toward Beijing, or enjoy shorter excursions to destinations in Mongolia, Kazakhstan or the Russian city of Vladivostok.

Glacier Express

Don’t let the name fool you -- this train actually has a reputation for being the slowest express train in the world. And that’s just what passengers want: The leisurely 7-hour ride takes travelers from the Swiss municipality of Zermatt to Davos or the resort town of St. Moritz, with stunning alpine views of the Oberalp Pass as you ascend to heights of over 6,000 feet.

Rovos Rail

Take a Cape Town journey like no other. Depart from Capital Park Station in Pretoria, South Africa, and embark on a 48-hour ride across nearly 1,000 miles. Stunning views await of grasslands on the inland plateau of Highveld and the vast inland basin of the Great Karoo. Additional routes take you deeper into southern Africa, to nearby countries of Namibia and Tanzania, with epic views enjoyed from the comfort of wood-paneled sleeper coaches.

Royal Scotsman

Discover Scotland’s spectacular countryside aboard this luxury train. Weaving through the Scottish Highlands, you’ll enjoy views of whitewashed villages and expansive lochs. Plus, enjoy the chance to get out and about: Disembark for a Highland distillery tour, an exploration of the Rothiemurchus Estate -- described by a famous British broadcaster as "one of the glories of wild Scotland" -- and more.

Hiram Bingham Luxury Train

Named for the famed explorer who discovered Machu Picchu, this luxury train takes you on a jaw-dropping ride from the city of Cuzco in southeastern Peru northwest to the 15th-century Inca site. The journey unfolds via the Urubamba River Valley, with pastoral views of llamas and shepherds just beyond your window. Upon arrival at Machu Picchu Lodge, relax over a cup of tea.

Danube Express

Explore Central and Eastern Europe aboard this luxury private train. Launched in September 2008, this veritable hotel-on-wheels journeys through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria to Istanbul, with luxury accommodations such as private bathrooms with constant hot water, as well as fine dining accompanied by premium wines, champagne and spirits.

British Pullman

Journey back in time to the golden age of travel. This vintage carriage evokes the elegance of the early 1930s and the romantic intrigue of Agatha Christie’s famous detective novel. Fully restored, the line offers day excursions from London Victoria station, as well as from Birmingham, Manchester and many other cities and towns. Enjoy it all over a 5-course “murder mystery” lunch!

The Ghan

All aboard, mate! Embark on a journey Down Under courtesy of this memorable passenger train. Operating from one end of Australia to the other -- the line travels from Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin on the Adelaide-Darwin railway -- for a journey that spans 54 hours and over 1,800 miles. Exploring the outback never felt so good.

Alaska Railroad

The best way to see Alaska is by rail, and this rail line proves it. Double-decker dome cars allow passengers to take in sights via multiple locations: Step onto an outdoor balcony or settle into a seat on the upper level’s interior space. Operating mid-May through mid-September, the railroad travels between Anchorage and Fairbanks, with stops in Wasilla, Talkeetna and the 6 million-acre wild land of Denali National Park.

Elipsos Trenhotel

Take a night train between Spain and France, Switzerland or Italy -- all while you sleep. Choose from a variety of sleeping accommodation options, from reclining seat to luxury class. Come morning, passengers in first (beds with washing facilities) and luxury class (private bathroom and shower) enjoy a complimentary breakfast.

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