Throw Back Thursday: Pictures From Drew, Jonathan and J.D. Scott’s Childhood Adventures

J.D. Scott breaks from the roller coasters on All American Amusement Parks for a ride down memory lane with his brothers, Drew and Jonathan of HGTV’s Property Brothers.

Band of Brothers

From dream home to dream vacation, the Scott brothers have got you covered. Even though J.D. isn’t identical, he’s been acting in unison with Drew and Jonathan since childhood. "Just three brothers camping in the woods with the bare necessities, like matching hoodies and tooth-brushing. The Stepford Boys!" J.D. says. 

Adventurous by Nature

"This was a family vacation in Alberta. Obviously I was a deep thinker at that age. Now? Not so much," he says. While he may not be as pensive, J.D. never lost the sense of adventure he learned as a child. Check out his most recent excursions on All American Amusement Parks

Jack of All Trades

J.D. is quite the Renaissance man. Besides his travel experience and all-star athleticism ("This is the peak of athleticism. Look at those terrifying heights!" he says), he also worked as a writer, comedian, actor, director and — get this — a celebrity impersonator in Las Vegas. 

Spooky Siblings

"If there is anything in this world that goes together, it’s pirates and vampires," J.D. jokes. 

Lone Ranger

"‘Hi-Yo Silver, Away!" J.D. jokes, recalling one of his many childhood adventures. "Horsey, you still awake?’" 

Costume Kryptonite

"We have always been huge on Halloween in our family. Too bad this wasn’t even Halloween," says J.D. He still doesn’t need a reason to get dressed up — making a name for himself in Vegas as a celebrity impersonator of stars like David Bowie and Adam Lambert. 

Business as Usual

The three Scott brothers are a business-minded bunch, starting their own entertainment brand in 2010. "Yes, this is no joke — that is actually how we looked for school," he says. "Dress shirts, slacks and sweaters. Hey, our lunch kits were cool!" 

Family Fun

The Scott family loved to take trips, which were a memorable part of J.D.’s childhood. "This personifies my childhood. Spending time together, then and now, my favorite," he says. "But dad, that mustache has got to go!" 

Birthday Bliss

"On my birthdays, I’m easy to please," says J.D. "If it’s Hulk related, I’m happy. Even to this day."

Oh, Canada!

In his new show, J.D. might trail blaze across America looking for the best amusement parks, but he is totally Canadian. "Such a huge part of living in Canada was the winter activities with my family. Loved the tobogganing and skiing trips," he reminisces. 

Daring Digs

"My favorite childhood outfit -- that is until my parents were taking pictures in the backyard and bees flew up my kilt. That was painful," J.D. recalls. 

The Three Musketeers

Growing up, J.D. Drew and Jonathan were always close by. He explains this photo, saying, "JD: Gap-toothed smile. Jonathan: So happy to be there. Drew: Our special little guy." 

Big Dreamer, True Believer

"I remember this magician so clearly. I was in complete awe of the tricks he would show us. It was this man who made me think anything was possible," says J.D. Watch some of his dreams come to life on Great American Country’s All American Amusement Parks

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