Scenes From Building Alaska

What does it take to build in one of the most remote and rugged areas on the planet? Follow these daring individuals who set out to construct dream properties in the obscure Alaskan wilderness.

Builder Chuck Gerwig is truly in his element in the wilds of Alaska. But that doesn't mean building here is easy.

Constructing homes in Alaska take guts and determination, as Bob May knows.

Sometimes, it means harvesting your own raw materials. Here, Elm Robichaud carries large logs out of the forest for a project.

These logs were trucked onto a build site in Chicken, Alaska.

For this new home, Matt Moore peels the rough-cut logs.  

Power can be an issue in remote locations. Here, Chuck cuts pipes for a solar panel installation.

The guys enjoy the challenge, though. Lee Raymond, Matt Moore, Mike Bragg, Arlen Simmons and Earl Bragg take time out of their busy day to pose for Building Alaska fans.

To build on Afognak Island, just north of Kodiak Island in southern Alaska and accessible only by water, means taking some alternative transportion, like this float plane.  

It was a rare sunny day when Bob May and Leon Lester worked on the foundation of the Afognak Island cabin. Afognak is home to brown bear, deer and elk, and many visitors come for the prime hunting and fishing here.

Bob May's cabin, sited at the edge of the water on Afognak Island, is lovely at twilight.

The windows reflect the heavily wooded surroundings.

Sometimes, transportation on land even involves getting wet. Here, Lee Raymond drives his ATV through a flooded stream.

Not all build sites on Building Alaska are remote, at least not by Alaskan standards. Mae Pauling works on decorating the main floor of her new home in Glacier View, two hours northeast of Anchorage, the state's most populous city.  

Rebecca and Cleve Steadman take in the Alaskan scenery from the deck of their Glacier View home.

During their down time, Lee and Aaron Raymond go hunting, a sport that gives many Alaskans an opportunity to experience some of the most amazing scenery in the world.

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