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RVs Through the Years

From pop-up campers to the "Silver Bullet" Airstream, see how RV styles and comforts evolved over time.

About The Show

Because millions of Americans hit the road each year in RVs, it takes cool paint, custom interiors, audio/video systems, patio extensions and other bells and whistles to keep up with the Joneses at the campground. Extreme RVs features rolling million dollar mega-mansions with incredible themed designs and luxurious interiors that put most real homes to shame. Some are cutting edge futuristic designs. Others are multi-million dollar restorations of vintage and classic RVs with incredible old world craftsmanship. Still others are just plain extreme. There are a handful of designers and craftsmen around the U.S. responsible for these one-of-a-kind machines -- big, small or crazy. In each episode we'll go inside three incredible shops, grab a wrench and a welder, and jump in on some one-of-a-kind extreme RV builds. From design drawings and computer renderings to fabrication and interior build outs, we'll follow every piece of metal cut, every bolt turned and every gallon of paint sprayed as these outrageous rolling mansions, vintage restorations and crazy camping vehicles come to life. As with every custom vehicle build, the drama will be in keeping the budget in line and finishing the project on time. And we'll be right in the middle of each stressful moment with our builders as they race to the finish line.

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