Farm Kings Wedding

It’s a sentimental day on the King family farm. Elizabeth "Bitty" King is getting married! Take a look at our exclusive photos of the beautiful details and intimate ceremony.
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A Dream Wedding on the Farm

After overcoming unfinished projects and early season stresses, the Kings help their beloved sister Bitty and their newest family member, Cam, have the wedding of their dreams. 

Group Pic

The Kings gather for a group photo at the wedding rehearsal. 

Ben on Stage

Ben entertains the family during rehearsal. 

Farm-Fresh Flowers

Lisa prepares Elizabeth's bridal bouquet with fresh flowers from the farm. 

A Handmade Altar

The altar is adorned with homegrown flowers for Elizabeth and Cameron's wedding. 

Getting Ready

The blushing bride prepares for her big walk down the aisle. 

The Dress

Elizabeth's Maid of Honor works on sewing up the back of the wedding dress. 

Flower Girls

The flower girls drop petals as they precede Elizabeth down the aisle. 

Ring Bearers

Ring bearer boys walk down the aisle. 


Joe looks on lovingly as his only sister becomes a McCauley. 


Joe takes Bitty's arm and leads the beautiful bride to the next brother in line. 


A choked-up Tim kisses his sister and leads her to Pete. 


Pete holds onto Elizabeth and walks her closer to the altar. 


Dan tries to hold it together as he walks his only sister down the aisle. 

Dan to Luke

Luke offers his arm to Bitty.


Luke offers his arm to Elizabeth and escorts her to Sam. 


Sam takes his sister's arm and brings her further down the walkway to John. 


John leans in to give Elizabeth a kiss and continues to walk her down the aisle. 


Paul waits for his turn to walk Elizabeth down the aisle. 

John to Paul

John continues the walk down the aisle with his sister by his side. 


Ben patiently waits to lead Elizabeth to her future husband. 

The Groom

Cameron McCauley waits at the altar for his beautiful bride. 


Elizabeth reads her vows to Cameron. 

The Rings

Elizabeth and Cameron exchange wedding rings. 

First Kiss

Elizabeth and Cameron share their first kiss as husband and wife. 

Back Down the Aisle

Elizabeth and Cameron walk hand and hand down the aisle as man and wife. 

Bride and Groom

The King family congratulate the happy bride and groom. 

New Family Member

Cam is officially a part of the King family with a great photo to prove it!

Waiting Game

Wedding guests await the newly-wedded couple at the pavilion built by her loving brothers.

Mr. and Mrs.

Bitty and Cameron McCauley enter the wedding reception area as a new couple. 

First Dance

Elizabeth and Cameron's enjoy their first dance as a married couple. 

First Dance

Elizabeth and Cameron enjoy their first dance as a married couple. 

First Dance

Cameron and Elizabeth share an emotional first dance at their wedding reception. 

Nice Moves

John and Ben King show off their dance moves at the reception. 

The Kings each take a turn spinning the beautiful bride around on the dance floor! 

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