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Beauties meet beasts on a new series, Farm Queens, Sun., Sept. 14, at 6/5c.

Meet the Host

Chet Welch

Chet Welch lives on a Pennsylvania farm where he raises horses, cows, chickens, llamas, peacocks .... and beauty queens!

All About Chet

About The Show

Chet Welch bought a Pennsylvania farm so he and his partner, Bob, could raise horses, llamas, cows ... and beauty queens. With 30 years experience as the director of the Miss Pennsylvania pageant, Chet knows what it takes to develop a winner - and believes the best place to do it is right on the farm. Chet and the reigning Miss Pennsylvania will coach hopeful pageant queens on how to go from barn to ball-gown as they prepare for the ultimate goal - the Miss America pageant!

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