Flip Tip: Picture Frames

Lara Spencer shares tips on reframing artwork using flea market frames.
Behind the Scenes

On Set With Lara Spencer

Our friends at DIY Network spent the day thrifting with Lara at The Elephant's Trunk Flea Market. 

Lara's Tricks of the Trade

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Meet the Host

Lara Spencer

Lara Spencer is co-host of Good Morning AmericaNew York Times bestselling author of I Brake for Yard Sales and Flea Market Fabulous and the creator, executive producer and host of Flea Market Flip. 

All About Lara

About The Show

Flea markets are filled with hidden treasures, you just have to know where to look. In Flea Market Flip, two teams go head to head to see who can make the most money transforming unexpected diamonds in the rough into high dollar gems. Each team is given $500 along with a list of items they need to find and buy in one hour. Then they are given one day to transform and one day to sell their refurbished items. The team that makes the most net profit wins $5,000.
Season 10, Episode 8

Lara Gets Flipping!

Future in-laws take on a self-proclaimed odd couple in a furniture-flipping contest for $5,000. The flip debuts a new challenge in which Lara gets to choose a piece for each team to buy and reinvent in their own style.

Aug 9
12am | 11c
Season 10, Episode 9

The Flea Market Unicorn

Self-proclaimed "Geek Girls" of Design go up against married flippers in a challenge to create a vignette of cohesive pieces designed for entertaining at home. The two teams emerge from their workshops with innovative pieces including a Bingo ball board converted into a coffee table and a stylish bar made from an optometrist's cabinet. The finished products will then be sent to New York's Long Island Flea where the teams hope to receive a visit from the fabled "Flea Market Unicorn," by selling all three of their pieces to a single customer. The team who makes the highest profit will go home with $5,000!

Aug 9
12:30am | 11:30c
Season 10, Episode 12

Flips Like Sugar and Honey

A couple known as "Blonde Sugar and Honey" takes on a pair of engaged furniture flippers for a shot at $5,000. The teams look for diamonds in the rough at the Stormville Airport Antique Show, then roll out their fixed-up finds at Long Island City Flea.

Aug 9
1:30am | 12:30c

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