10 Awesome Chair Transformations from 'Flea Market Flip'

Once upon a time, these were the saddest secondhand seats around. With a bit of upcycling magic from Lara Spencer's Flea Market Flip teams, why, they're Cinderella stories.

Before: Rough Customers

These Wisconsin Chair Co. pieces are sturdy, but their surfaces have seen decades of heavy use—possibly with a cheese grater.

After: Distinguished Diners

Careful sanding and smoky blue paint make these lines elegant again. New gold seats, in turn, give the chairs a formal-yet-funky touch that’s perfect for an eclectic table.

Before: Scrap Metal

You could perch on these banged-up bar stools if you were really trying to prove a point, but you’d need a pretty stiff drink to get comfortable on them.

After: Modern Marvels

Liberated from their rickety backs and reimagined with smooth, polished wood (and removable pads), this pair can do double duty as end tables or party seating.

Before: Ugly Duckling

A federal-style swan armchair has lovely details that disappear in the midst of outdated upholstery.

After: New Plumage

Simple, creamy fabric lets those marvelous carved arms—which now gleam after some TLC—take center stage.

Before: Ho-Hum Love Seat

There’s nothing horrifically wrong with fuzzy, mustard-colored upholstery, but there’s not much to write home about, either.

After: One-of-a-Kind Upholstery

A richer stain and a downright beautiful mud cloth seat give this piece heirloom-to-be status.

Before: Ready for Retirement

These Heywood-Wakefield chairs have gorgeous bones—and the equivalent of a rumpled old house dress thrown over their backs.

After: Retro Treasures

Now there are the caning and midcentury lines we want to see! Floral fabrics have the potential to be a lot of fun, but in this case, less is definitely more.

Before: End Times

Real talk: This is where a ragtag band of survivors will plan their last stand after the zombie apocalypse.

After: Civilization!

With a crisp coat of matte black paint and a graphic new backgammon-inspired tabletop, this quintet is finally ready for a proper game night.

Before: Box-Office Flops

These folding chairs are serviceable, to be sure, but they look like they were plucked from the curb after a local cinema closed.

After: Matinee Idols

Polished up and refitted with bold diamond-patterned fabric, these space-savers are now both functional and fashionable.

Before: Burnt-Orange Bummers

Hey, the rust peeking through the old finish on these bar stools matches their rust-colored pleather seats! Nifty, no? (No.)

After: Pattern Play

Luxe, complementary fabrics make this set feel unified rather than matchy-matchy, and the intentional patina on the metalwork is a vast improvement on the peek-a-boo black it replaces.

Before: Somber Seat

This pew certainly says “Sunday morning,” but it doesn’t say “...brunch.”

After: Updated Ombré

Scaled down and cozied up with gleaming grey cushions, this finished project is now an ideal coffee nook.

Before: Losing Lounge

This duo has plenty of potential, but its groovy (cough) fabric hasn’t stood the test of time quite as well as its midcentury shape.

After: Blue Beauty

The chair and ottoman’s legs and feet now pop against its new upholstery, thanks to high-contrast white paint—and the cushions’ cool new hue is mod and modern.

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