1946 Curtis Wright Model 2 Vintage Trailer Makeover

See how a vintage 1946 Curtis Wright trailer was gutted and completely refurbished, inside and out.
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Before: Exterior

Although the interior of this 1946 Curtis Wright camper was gutted, Anna and Justin kept the exterior skin, which was in decent shape. 

Before: Exterior

The couple gave the exterior of this camper a facelift with new paint and shiny mirrored metal. 

Before: Interior

This dining area and kitchen look like they haven't been touched in decades.  

After: Interior

Anna and Justin found vintage booth seats that they reupholstered for the new, functional dinnette. 

Before: Kitchenette

The trailer had no working appliances or clean counter space. 

After: Kitchenette

New stainless-steel counters, birch cabinetry and a vintage-style stove bring the kitchen back to working order. 

Before: Sleeping Area

The sofa/pull-out bed is completely gone. 

After: Sleeping Area

A custom bed was made to match the dining room bench. 

After: Sink + Upper Cabinets

Anna and Justin outfitted the trailer's interior with birch wood and stainless steel. 

After: Awning

A new vintage-style awning extends the living space to the great outdoors. 

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