1947 Refurbished Robin Hood Travel Trailer

See how a vintage 1947 Robin Hood camper was gutted and completely restored, inside and out.
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Before: Exterior

The camper was stripped down to the frame for a complete makeover. 

After: Exterior

The camper was outfitted with new axels, wheels and tires as well as a brand new shine. 

Before: Kitchen

The kitchen cubby was mostly intact, but was looking more than a little worn and weathered.

Before: Kitchen

To save money and time, the cabinets' frame was left intact. 

After: Kitchen

Anna and Justin restored the original sink and ice box but added a new countertop, cabinet doors, water-holding tank and a pump.  

After: Kitchen

Anna and Justin incorporated their client’s vintage light fixture above the sink.  It helps reflect the refreshed chrome shine. 

Before: Doorway

The door was falling apart and in need of refinishing. 

After: Doorway

The new Marmoleum floor and resurfaced doors bring this camper into the 21st century, but with a classic retro style. 

Before: Dining Area

The dining area was non-existent. Justin and Anna had to rebuild the sofa/convertible bed. 

After: Dining Area

The new booth provides plenty of seating and room to kick back. The wall sconces give an amibient glow for dining or task lighting for reading.  The dining table is covered in stainless-steel to match to the kitchen. 

After: Bed

When the dining table is folded down and cushions spread out, there is plenty of room for a good night's rest. 

Before: Window

The old window and walls look worn and layered with soot. 

After: Window

The walls have been resurfaced with Douglas fir and a new window will provide natural air flow.

Before: Walls

To make this space more functional, Anna and Justin planned for some vertical storage. 

After: Walls

Wall shelves provide extra storage. 

Before: Exterior

The exterior of the camper was dull and boring before Anna and Justin polished it to a mirror shine. 

After: Exterior

Custom window awnings with fabricated hardware add character and charm to the 1947 camper. 

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