Season 2, Episode 6

SSGs Lucas & Heidi Wacker are living their dream sheet,'when the USAF stations them in Anchorage.

USAF SSGs Lucas & Heidi Wacker, Alaska was ops on their dream sheet. So when they got their orders and saw it was Anchorage, they knew they had hit the lottery. After jamming 12,000 lbs into a 30-foot trailer, they set out with their 2 year old to The Last Frontier. 11 days, 3600 miles, 1 unfortunate deer encounter, and 1 truck repair later, they finally made it, but that was only half the journey. Now they have to find the perfect place, with the shortest commute, in a very limited time. Certainly not for the faint of heart, and the Wacker's are more than up for the challenge.
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Wendell and Juliet Eames leave family and friends in Utah to raise their kids in Fairbanks.

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Chris McKnight & Rebecca Brown are flying high above the frontier in search of a hanger home.


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