Season 2, Episode 4

Buck Rodgers Bet

Jordan is hitting the road with assistant Julia for her first ever toy dig in, what better place than, America's Playground: Las Vegas. He is on the hunt to find vintage, Buck Rogers action figures for a star of the show, Felix Silla. Jordan also has Julia set up digs for him while in Vegas in order to add new toys to his inventory. Julia has been working for Jordan for over a year now and is making it clear that she's ready to take on more than just the office. What better way to initiate a first timer, than by heading to Viva Las Vegas! Although they are in a party town, Jordan makes it clear to Julia that it wont be all fun and games. The first collector the duo visits, Dorothy, specializes in '80s toys. Her garage is filled with boxes holding her toy collection. Dorothy has a plethora of girl toys from the '80s and Jordan hopes that he has hit a jackpot. Without a pause, Jordan offers to buy a Rainbow Bright tea set for 25 bucks. "Miss Vegas" gives Jordan a run for his money when they roll the dice for an LJN Michael Jackson doll - which Jordan moonwalks away with for an easy 30 bucks. The big find is a stunning set of Mattel's Princess of Power collection which Jordan swiftly picks up for $465. The next stop on the Vegas voyage is to "Dan-Mart." Dan's garage-turned-toy store puts Jordan in toy heaven - until Dan breaks the news that he's only looking to sell a few items. This gets Jordan worried that Julia set him up for a dig that won't turn much of a profit. Jordan purchases some C-3PO's cereal for a mere 15 bucks and drives away with an Indiana Jones Convoy truck for $90. He then digs up a set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cave Turtles, which after a tough haggle - he finally takes away for $250. For their final dig, Jordan and Julia head over to Movie Mike, who is a movie prop designer with a second passion for science fiction toys. Jordan comes across a Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger glove replica, and accepts the $200 asking price without hesitation. Jordan then makes a $75 deal for Mattel's computer Warriors game, and becomes the owner of a full set of Black Hole action figures for $310. When Jordan comes across a full set of Buck Rogers action figures, he makes a deal for the five of them for 60 bucks Before they leave, Julia has Jordan meet up with the mystery Buck Roger's buyer in the middle of the desert. When the limo pulls up, it's Twiki himself, Felix Silla who offers Jordan 800 dollars for the set. Though this trip was expensive, Jordan and Julia acquired toys that more than cover the cost, while satisfying a member of TV history.
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