Season 2, Episode 8

Buying 4 Bonaduce

Jordan is at Seattle Comicon where 70's child star, Danny Bonaduce has just stopped by his booth. Danny explains that he never collected The Partridge Family memorabilia and wants Jordan's help in tracking down a vintage Partridge Family board game. If he can find this game, Danny wants Jordan to join him on his radio show and sell the toys he got him, live. Jordan and Steve visit their first dig, Jason, who is said to have a huge 80's collection. They come across a lot of superheroes and Sci-Fi toys, but can't seem to find Partridge Family. He grabs a bag of Batman Chips for $8, and a Ms. Pac Man table-top video game with stuffed animal for $40. Jordan also races away with the Hasbro Ricochet Racers Spider Man set for $100. Jordan and Steve pack up the car and head to the next toy collector's house, where they hope to find some Partridge Family toys fast. Along with a Star Wars Episode I trailer reel, Jordan also snags a Partridge Family Laurie doll for $180 and a rare Partridge Family bus for $750. It's the Milton Bradley board game that gets Jordan really excited because he's almost 100% positive it's the one Danny is looking for. He grabs all his new treasures and heads to one last dig to find a few more toys to help seal in Bonaduce as a new customer. Josh owns a toy store called Time Bomb and has some great vintage treasures. Jordan grabs a $35 The Fonz pillow, and a Partridge Family lunchbox for $150. He also digs up a vintage Unicycle and remembers seeing a photo of Danny riding one on the set of The Partridge Family. Jordan buys it for $60 in hopes of impressing Bonaduce and his listeners. He heads to the radio show and starts showing off the goods he's just purchased. Danny immediately buys the board game for $20, and immediately rejects the $1200 Partridge Family bus that Jordan really took a chance with. Jordan then gives Danny the vintage Unicycle as a gift and Bonaduce is in bliss. Jordan proves he can really think outside the box and has another star client for life.
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