Season 2, Episode 13

Caribbean Booty

Jordan is at Puerto Rico Comic-Con to find the best American TV movie toys to make $15,000 in sales on the isle of enchantment. Jordan has to fly his inventory to Puerto Rico, which is something he has never done before. Since Puerto Rico Comic-Con is significantly smaller than the other shows Jordan normally does he will make less than half of his usual $25,000. Jordan makes his way to Colorado to see the movie toy collection at Martin and his mom Marilyn's house. The first toy that catches Jordan's eye is the Tron light cycle cars in Martin's collection from the Tron films. Jordan says he will buy the light cycles for $35. The next toy in Martin's collection is a blow up toy of Elliot, Pete's dragon. It was a promotional give away at a movie theatre and the only manufacturer is Walt Disney Productions. Jordan buys it from Martin for $75. His next toy that he finds is a replica of the Kraken, the mythical sea monster that Jordan buys from Martin for $100. Jordan and Steve's next stop is in New Egypt, NJ at a flea market owned by Keith. Jordan finds a Batman Activity Box that he buys from Keith for $70. The next toy he finds is The Beatles Flip Your Wig Game that he gets for $90. Jordan now travels to Long Island City where he meets Mike who is a big guy with a big collection. He finds something that will make him the talk of Comic-Con: The Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Transportation and Repair Station with the Six Million Dollar Man signed by Lee Majors. Jordan buys this retro item for $100. He then finds vintage Ronald McDonald and Big Mac puppets for $30. Jordan travels with Dan to Puerto Rico Comic-Con. The first item that is sold is the Tron cycles for $195 and Jordan ends up making $165. The only thing that is currently selling is the Star Wars merchandise. So far he has made $3,000 in sales. Jordan realizes he has to start buying more Star Wars merchandise while at the show in order to keep up with the demand of the customers. He finds a rare loose Blue Snaggletooth and buys the entire collection from a man at Comic-Con for $100. He sells the Blue Snaggletooth to a customer moments later for $100 and is now at $7,000 for his sales. His next big Star Wars item that he finds is a blue star Uzay made in Turkey that Jordan wants to try and sell for $8,000. The McDonalds puppets have sold for $50, which makes Jordan a profit of $20. The Batman Activity box has now sold for $150. The Six Million Dollar Man has sold for $160.
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