Season 2, Episode 12

Toy Tycoon

Jordan is in Massachusetts preparing for Chicago's C2E2, one of the largest comic cons in America. He needs to meet his sales goal of $20,000 in order to purchase a stash in Louisiana that he's been dying to get his hands on. The only problem is that the owner will only sell it to Jordan in one lump sum so he needs to make a big profit in Chicago in order to afford it. On his way to the first dig, Jordan picks up aspiring toy dealer Travis to show him the ropes of the toy business. Travis mentions that he wants to go to C2E2 because he's never worked a toy convention before. Jordan tells him that if he does a good job on the next few digs, then he can help out Jordan in Chicago. En route to their first dig, Jordan and Travis spot a yard sale and decide to check it out. Michelle is getting rid of her 80's pop culture collection and Jordan quickly snags a Rubik's Cube for $25. Travis impresses Jordan with his knowledge of the Sears Tele-games Super Pong, which he haggles down to $20. Jordan also purchases an Alvin and The Chipmunks van for $30, but they head to the next dig because yard sales won't get them the big-ticket items Jordan needs. Their next stop is to visit another toy dealer Steve, who is trying to sell off the remainder of toys in storage. As a fellow dealer, Steve knows the values of these toys very well so Jordan will need to really hustle in order to get some good deals. He scores a Hot Wheels Service Center for $75 and a Remco McDonaldland playset for $175. Travis finds a super rare carded Star Wars Boba Fett Droids figure that Jordan needs for his booth. After a lot of tough haggling, Jordan eventually has to let it go since Steve's price is just too high. Jordan and Travis gather their new buys and head to Rob's in Gardner, MA. Rob is looking to sell his toys to help pay for his daughter's tuition costs. Travis spots a Transformers and Jordan talks Steve down to $200 for it. Jordan then finds one of his Holy Grail items - the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Land Ram which Rob wants $9000 for and Jordan just has to pass. Rob takes Travis and Jordan into the GI Joe annex where they find the GI Joe USS Flagg Aircraft Carrier; the largest toy ever made! They buy it unsealed for $4000 and are ready to head to C2E2. At the convention, Jordan sells the Alvin & The Chipmunks van for $275 while Travis makes $275 sale himself on the Transformers Jetfire. After much debate that the USS Flagg isn't selling due to the way it's positioned, Travis finally convinces Jordan to turn it on its side. Jordan finally finds a buyer who after a bit of haggling, gives in to buy it for $6000. Jordan makes his sales goal of $20,000 and can finally make his big Louisiana Purchase.
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