Season 3, Episode 2

$25,000 Toys Ahoy!

Jordan and his team are gearing up for the country's second largest pop culture event, New York Comic Con. With a sales goal of $35,000, Jordan is on the hunt for expensive, marquee pieces to display at his booth. He decides to aim for Star Wars, which are ALWAYS popular and highly collectible. Steve suggests they pay a visit to Tom and Ann Spengel in Scottsdale, AZ who says they have the original Star wars action figures. Jordan and Steve make the trip to see if it's the real deal. The first toy they find at Tom and Ann's is a 1950's Paul Winchell's Jerry Mahoney Ventriloquist Dummy that Steve buys for $150. Next, they find a 1978 Hasbro Ronald McDonald doll and manage to pick it up for $30. Jordan then asks Tom and Ann about the Star Wars figures they claimed to have. Ann shows them the box and Jordan has hit the jackpot. He finds the first (12) 1977 Kenner Star Wars action figures, MINT on card that are also called "12-backs." Not only are they in perfect condition, he finds TWO complete sets, which is incredibly rare. Ann estimates the two sets to be worth $26,000 but is willing to take $15,000 and Jordan quickly agrees. Jordan and Steve's next stop is Boca Raton, FL to visit Greg, who has LOTS of Star wars and is extremely organized. Steve finds a 1984 Kenner Star Wars Return of the Jedi B-Wing Fighter that he picks up for $80, and Jordan finds a Masters Replica Company's Star Wars Limited Edition AT-AT and Snow Speeder that Greg sells him for $2100. It's time for New York Comic Con and Jordan, Steve, Dave, and Travis are all ready to sell - Jordan even ups his sales goal to $45,000. Jordan puts out one set of "12-backs" for $20,000. Along with the $15,000 he spent on both collections, he also got the figures graded by AFA (action Figure Authority) for another $5,000. AFA looks for tearing, fading, and creasing on packaging and give the figure a grade between 1 and 10. The higher the grade, the more they are worth. Jordan's 12-backs all scored an 8.5 and higher, giving him the ability to triple the price of its regular worth. The crew decides to bring out the AT-AT they got at Greg's and start opening the shipping box it came in. Jordan spots a HUGE crack in the glass and won't be able to make the money he thought he would. They need to start pushing the 12-backs if Jordan wants to make even close to his goal. Steve, Dave, and Travis all go on the hunt at Comic Con for a buyer. Travis finds a buyer but he's not at the event, he's in Cape Cod, MA and they're going to have to bring the toys to him. They leave NYCC with total sales of $25,750 and head to Cape Cod to hopefully make up for the rest. Jordan and Travis meet up with Ray who wants to do the sale on his boat in Cape Cod. Ray wants all original 12-backs, along with a few extra figures. Travis and Jordan explain how much the figures go for, plus the worth of the grading and Ray agrees to purchase the figures for $25,000.
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