Season 3, Episode 11

90s Flashbacks

Jordan is gearing up for Portland Comic Con in Oregon. Because Portland has such a large amount of young people in the area, Jordan is going out of his comfort zone and focusing on newer toys from the 90s and early 2000s. Because so much of this is new to him, Jordan is bringing Travis along with him on the digs. Travis is a young collector and aspiring toy dealer who is a freshman in college and the target demographic for Portland. The first stop is at Abby's in Philadelphia, PA. Abby is a young mother who is selling off her brother's toys to make money for her new family. They find a bunch of Power Rangers toys, including a Megazoid valued at $300, and also a rare edition Lucky Draw RED sword for the WHITE Power Ranger, which is worth about $1500. Next, Jordan and Travis head to sunny Florida to visit Dave's home and dig through his garage. Dave is another young guy who's just wrapping up college and has a bunch of items that Jordan thinks will sell great at Portland. They buy a lot of Star Trek ships for $400 and then various other "young" items. Their last dig brings them to Doug, who has over 400 bins in his home filled with toys! While there, they find some Transformers, which include a rare VSX Optimus Prime and Megatron set from Japan, valued at $10,000. Finally, Jordan heads to Portland Comic Con with sidekick Dave. First they stop to visit the house from the movie, The Goonies that overlooks the ocean. They then make their way to Portland Comic Con where Jordan's theory was right! All these newer toys are really relating to the kids in Portland. He sells a ton of his inventory and gains more happy customers.
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