Season 3, Episode 1

Giant Toys

Jordan and Steve are at their store in Westwood, NJ where business is doing really well. People are always coming in and out to buy and even sell their own toys. They're about to close up shop for the day, in order to head to St. Louis, MO, bright and early. They're going to re-stock their inventory at the ToyMan Toy Show, one of the largest shows in the Midwest. All of a sudden, two men carrying huge garbage bags walk in and ask Jordan if he'd like to see what they've got. Jordan can never pass on a dig and invites them in to take a look. Todd Rogoff Sr. explains that all of the toys came from his father who is a commercial illustrator and actually created the Nesquik Bunny logo. Although most of the toys are out of their original packaging and not in the best condition, Jordan hopes to find some hidden gems from the old school advertisement era. The first find is a 1975 Mego Comic Action Heroes Robin Action Figure that he scoops up for $30. Steve finds a custom made Sylvester and Tweety Bird with Cage that he offers $25 for, but Todd and his son want $75 and there's no sale. Jordan finds a vintage Mickey Mouse mug that was only given out to employees at the Disney Channel and buys it for $20, while Steve picks up a Funko Mighty Mouse Bobblehead for $20. While finishing up the dig, Jordan gets a call from Greg who works at Gentle Giant Studios, a toy manufacturer that specializes in high-end collectibles. They need Jordan to find rare pieces from Kenner's original toy lines so they can re-create them for a jumbo line. They include the 1981 Kenner Star Wars Cloud City Playset mint in box, and the 1979 Kenner 18 inch Alien action figure with the poster in as best condition as possible. Jordan and Steve then head to the ToyMan Toy Show in St. Louis. They first visit Spike's booth and buy a vintage Universal Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon Shirt Transfer for $200 and a 1976 Mego Hall of Justice Playset for $60. Next, they visit Vince and grab a 1980 Mego Star Trek USS Enterprise Bridge for $250. Another booth they visit is Mike's, where Steve goes nuts for a 1963 Universal Monsters The Wolfman PEZ dispenser that he grabs for $100 and a 1971 Chemtoy Groovie Goolies action figure for $50. They're last stop at the toy show is to visit Jim Toler who's a newbie dealer with a great collection. He pulls out the 18 inch Kenner Alien figure that Gentle Giant needs and Jordan quickly takes it off his hands for $575. Steve and Jordan then head to Los Angeles, CA where they can personally deliver the Kenner Alien figure to Gentle Giant. Jordan points out that the box is not in the best condition to sales coordinator, Dev. But, he says he can make the box work and is happy enough about the figure and poster that he agrees on it for $600 is already thinking of more toys for Jordan to find.
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