Season 3, Episode 3

Money Masters

Jordan is at San Diego Comic Con buying toys to add to his inventory. He heads over to Mattel's booth since they had called him before the show and told him to stop by. He meets up with the marketing manager, Scott who puts Jordan on a quest to find vintage Masters of the Universe action figures that they're missing from their collection. Scott wants to be able to display his entire vintage line at next years San Diego Comic Con and if Jordan can pull it off, it would be great exposure for him. The toys include Laser-Light Skeletor, Laser-Power He-Man, Tytus, and Megator that were all released in Europe but never in America. Scott needs them by New York Comic Con, which gives Jordan three months to find these rare pieces. Fellow toy hunter, Dave brings Jordan to his first dig right in San Diego, CA. They pull up to a Vespa dealership where they meet Alex who has his toys stashed right in shop. Jordan first pulls out a Mego's Micronauts Thorium Orbiter, which he buys for $50. They all head upstairs next in hopes of finding Masters of the Universe toys. They come across a Japanese Furby, a Harbert Doctor Who doll that Dave buys for $135, and finally they come across Mattel's Masters of the Universe Tytus figure that is one of the crucial pieces on Scott's list. Jordan manages to haggle it down from $2500 to $2000 and they move on to their next dig. Jordan and Steve hit up the Toy Man Toy Show in St. Louis, MO where they run into old friend, Vince. They look around for the rest of the Masters' pieces they need, but have no luck and head out. Back at Jordan's shop in Jersey, Dave calls Jordan to give him a lead on Eric's Masters of the Universe collection in Strawberry Plains, TN. Right off the bat, they find a Masters of the Universe, Orko action figure that they buy for $60, a Small Soldiers Archer action figure, and finally two more items off Scott's list including the Laser-light Skeletor, and laser-power He-Man that Jordan buys for $1000 each. Jordan's final stop is to New York Comic Con where he meets up with Scott to show him what he was able to find. He starts off shaky when showing Scott the tear in the He-Man card, but ends up breaking even by selling both laser action figures for $2000. Scott flips when he sees the rare Tytus and quickly accepts Jordan's $3500 price tag, giving Jordan a profit of $1500 while also making a great name for himself with Mattel.
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